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Software Bisque - TheSky6 Serious Edition

Model#: SKY6S

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Manufactured by: Software Bisque

Product Series

TheSky Professional Edition is designed for the most advanced or professional astronomer. The Professional Edition contains the greatest number of features, largest databases and most pictures. See the table below for a list of additional features. The following table outlines the features that are included in each Edition of TheSky6.
Serious AstronomerProfessional
Standard FeaturesXX
Display/Import Minor Planets from the webXX
Native Telescope Control (no third-party drivers required)XX
Display/Import Extended Minor Planets or Asteroids (that is, display all known minor planets simultaneously)XX
Display SatellitesXX
Data Wizard™XX
Field of View IndicatorsXX
Integration with TPoint for Windows™ (TPoint sold separately)XX
Image Manager™XX
Multiple Mapping Projections (including Mercator, Gnonomic, Orthographic, Stereographic, Azimuthal Equal-Area and Azimuthal Equal-Distance)XX
Maximum field of view of 360° (Mercator projection only)XX
Minimum field of view of 30 arcsecondsXX
Retrieve and overlay images from the Digitized Sky Survey using either RealSkyView or CCDSoftXX
One hundred thousand, 1.7 arcsecond per pixel, in-place PGC images X
High-Resolution Moon photographs (at 100 meter resolution) X
UCAC2 Stellar Catalog X
USNOB Subset Stellar Catalog (fills out UCAC2) X
Mosaic Feature X
Extensive scripting object model X
Integration with CCDSoft′s Auto-Astrometry (CCDSoft sold separately) X
Integration with AutomaDome for closed-loop, automated dome control (AutomaDome sold separately) X
Includes Orchestrate Scripting Software X
DVD media format X
Image Link™ image overlay and pattern recognition X
Native support for the 11 CD-ROM USNO stellar database (488 million stars). (Note: This database is not included.) X
Native support for the USNO B1.0, 80 GB stellar catalog (Note: This catalog is not included.) X
Integration with CCDSoft′s CCD Camera Control (CCDSoft sold separately) X
Integration with CCDSoft′s Digitized Sky Survey support (CCDSoft sold separately) X
Export Star Chart Layers X
Internet Telescope support for accessing telescopes over the Internet, as part of the Internet Astronomy Software. X
Astronomy Command Language (ACL) support X
Paramount ME Robotic Telescope System support. X
Telescope Application Programming Interface (TeleAPI) allowing third party-custom telescope support X

Additional Information

Name Software Bisque - TheSky6 Serious Edition
Manufacturer Software Bisque
Model SKY6S