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Shelyak - Lhires Lite


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Manufactured by: Shelyak Instruments


Lhires Lite is the ideal visual spectroscope. Simple to use, robust and safe, it will quickly become your prefered companion for your public outreach.

  • resolution of 0.025nm (blue) to 0.035nm (red)
  • adjustable eyepiece holder
  • gnomon to safely point toward the Sun
  • easy wavelength selection for the public
  • changeable scale
  • activity booklet delivered in standard
Public Outreach
Groupe Lhires Lite is specially well adapted for the public. Show them the solar spectrum at his best: thousands lines are visible!
High resolution solar spectrum
Sodium Show your public the solar spectrum like they have never seen. Sodium doublet is well split with forest of lines everywhere. Explain how the professional astronomers use the same technic to measure stellar composition, temperature, pressure...

A narrow split


Lhires Lite slit is a center piece for the quality of the spectrum obtained with the spectroscope.
Adjustable eyepiece holder
P.O. Everyone's eyes are not the same. This is why we are including an adjustable eyepiece with the Lhires Lite spectroscope. It is easy to use and well adapted for children.
A stick to point out the Sun


Like a solar clock, point the Lhires Lite toward the Sun so the shadow of the stick disapear.
Interchangeable scales
Vernier A proven innovation!
The Lhires Lite spectroscope does include several scale you can use to help identifying the lines either in the solar spectrum or spectral lamp. You can also create your own or use a blank paper for the students to draw the spectrum they see and compare with reference scales.
Handling case
Valise Each Lhires Lite is delivered in its own handling case, making it easy and practical during external public outreach activites.

Additional Information

Name Shelyak - Lhires Lite
Manufacturer Shelyak Instruments
Model PF0002