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SBIG - STX Remote Guide Head


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Manufactured by: Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)


SBIG STX Remote Guide Head



Remote Guide Head for the STX Series Cameras

You can add a second head to your STX camera and guide using a separate guide scope, camera lens or OAG. The Remote Guide Head (RGH) contains the same KAI-0340 monochrome CCD that is used in the self-guiding filter wheels for the STX. It is also the same CCD used in the ST-i guider and planetary camera. The RGH plugs into the Remote Guide Head Port on the camera body and receives its power and signals from the camera. The RGH can only be used when connected to the RGH port on an STX. It will also control the new AO-X Adaptive Optics accessory if used with an external OAG.

The STX Remote Guide Head has an internal mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames. The front plate has female t-threads and the head includes a t-thread to 1.25" nosepiece and a 6 foot (~2 m) head cable that connects the remote head to the STX camera body. No other connections or cables are required.







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Name SBIG - STX Remote Guide Head
Manufacturer Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)
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