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Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the FLI MicroLine KAF-0402 Grade 1 Full Frame Camera as a replacement.

The Model ST-7XME is a self-guided imaging camera and contains two CCD detectors; one for guiding and the other for collecting the image. They are mounted in close proximity, both focused at the same plane, allowing the imaging CCD to integrate while the PC uses the guiding CCD to correct the telescope. In addition, a Remote Guiding Head port is now included for attachment of an external guiding head for those occasions when an external guider is desired. Using a separate CCD for guiding allows 100% of the primary CCD to be used to collect the image. The telescope correction rate and limiting guide star magnitude can be independently selected. The Full Frame Resolution is 765 x 510 pixels at 9 microns square. Carefully guided exposures up to one hour are possible, enabling a standard 8” SCT to capture images showing 19th magnitude stars from typical background observing sites. The imaging camera includes an electromechanical shutter, 16 bit analog to digital (A/D) converter, regulated temperature control, and has all of the electronics integrated into the CCD head. Communication to the PC is through the USB port. Click here for more information on recent improvements the new High Speed USB Interface. For a review of the ST-7E see the article in Sky & Telescope Magazine by Dennis DiCicco from August, 1999.The Model ST-7XMEI is the same camera as the ST-7XME except that it has no internal guiding CCD and some extras and not included in order to keep the base price as low as possible. Both the ST-7XME and ST-7XMEI cameras use the same electronics and USB 1.1 interface that is as fast as some competitors’ USB 2.0. Moreover, the USB 1.1 interface is easily extended up to several hundred feet with commonly available and relatively inexpensive USB extenders whereas USB 2.0 is not. As of March, 2006, both the single CCD and dual CCD models come with the Remote Guide Head port for attaching an external guiding head. For a comparison of the ST-7XME and ST-7XMEI please refer to the chart below. Each imaging camera is furnished with the most complete compliment of software available from any manufacturer of astronomical imaging equipment. The software includes camera control, telescope control, image processing plus photometric and astrometric measurement functions. The software provided with SBIG equipment is unsurpassed in performance and ease of operation. Optional operating software can be expanded to include remote telescope control, a large stellar data base from the SAO catalog and Hubble Guide Star Catalog, plus a non-stellar data base from NCC, IC, PCC (Principle Galaxies Catalog), PK planetary nebulae, WDS (double star catalog), and GCVS (variable star catalog). Support for Windows, Mac and Linux are included.The Model ST-7XE is widely used in astronomy for both high quality images and scientific applications. The pixel binning modes allow the user to match the pixel size to various focal lengths ranging from long focal length refractors and SCT’s to short focal length camera lenses. The dual CCD structure allowed SBIG to design an Adaptive Optics system to work in conjunction with the ST-7XE and other SBIG self-guiding cameras in the ST line. This unique system is described under the Accessory Products section of this catalog.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)
Model ST-7XMEI-C11
Discountinued Yes