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Model#: ST-10XMEI-C21

Discontinued Product


The Model ST-10XME is the flagship of the “ST” series of self-guiding CCD cameras from SBIG. The body is identical to the ST-7XME, ST-8XME, ST-9XME and ST-2000XM models with some slight modifications to accommodate the larger detector. Like other self-guiding cameras in the ST series, the ST-10XME contains two CCDs. In this case, the imaging CCD is an enhanced KAF-3200ME imaging detector from Kodak with 3.2 million pixels. The guiding CCD is the TC-237H with 657 x 495 pixels. The Model ST-10XMEI is essentially the same camera without the guiding CCD and some accessories. As of March, 2006, both the single CCD and dual CCD models come with the Remote Guide Head port for attaching an external guiding head. Both the ST-10XME and ST-10XMEI cameras use the same electronics and USB 1.1 interface that is as fast or faster than some competitors’ USB 2.0. Moreover, the USB 1.1 interface is easily extended up to several hundred feet with commonly available and relatively inexpensive USB extenders whereas USB 2.0 is not. For a comparison of the ST-10XME and ST-10XMEI please refer to the chart below. See the table below for a comparison of the two versions. The addition of a micro lens layer over the pixels of the CCD has significantly increased the quantum efficiency of the KAF-3200ME detector. The peak QE for this CCD is over 85%. Previously, this level of QE was achievable only through the expensive process of thinning the wafer and illuminating the image sensor from the backside. The QE for the blue wavelength of 400 nm is nearly double that of the 3200E and there is a 30% increase in QE over the 3200E (from 65% to 85%) at the important deep red H-alpha emission line.Except for the increased QE, the CCD specifications remain the same as the 3200E: 2184 x 1472 pixels at 6.8 microns with the same low read noise and low dark current as the KAF-3200E CCD. The cosmetic grades also remain the same, a Class 2 CCD is free of column defects. This 3.2 megapixel CCD has a Full Frame Resolution of 2184 x 1472 pixels at 6.8 microns making it an ideal camera for wide field apochromatic refractors. The active imaging area is 17% greater than the ST-8E and the arrays contain approximately twice as many pixels. The imaging camera includes an electro-mechanical shutter, 16 bit analog to digital (A/D) converter, regulated temperature control with all of the electronics integrated into the CCD head. Communication to the PC is through the USB port with image data transfer at up to 425,000 pixels per second.

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Model ST-10XMEI-C21
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