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SBIG - 7 Position Filter Wheel for STX-16803 Camera


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Manufactured by: Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)


SBIG Filter Wheel - 7 Position for 50mm square filters for STX-16803 Cameras     (FW7-STX) 

 The SBIG FW7-STX color filter wheel is designed to be used with the STX-16803 CCD camera when using an external guider or imaging through photometric or narrowband 50 mm square filters (sold separately).

Users can accomplish self-guiding or AO-X control using a guide camera in front of the filter wheel with the STX-16803 by addition of the Astrodon MMOAG  

 Note:  For self-guiding using the internal guiding CCD, use the FW5-STX filter wheel with 5-Positions, 65mm square filters for the STX-16803.  65mm square filters allow the use of the built-in guider while imaging through LRGB filters.



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Additional Information

Name SBIG - 7 Position Filter Wheel for STX-16803 Camera
Manufacturer Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)
Model FW7-STX