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SBIG - ALLSKY340 Color

Model#: ALLSKY340C1

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Manufactured by: Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)


SBIG is about to release our new All-Sky cameras, the AllSky-340 and AllSky-340C.  The model 340 is a monochrome camera and the model 340C uses a color CCD.  This will be SBIG’s third version of a weatherproof AllSky camera for monitoring weather conditions.  The first had to be obsoleted when we stopped production of the ST-237A, and the second went obsolete when the lens we were using became unavailable, with no suitable replacement.  With each version we gain some knowledge and this is our best one yet.  The sensor is the Kodak KAI-340 CCD, with 640x480 pixels, 7.4 microns square, and a high gain output stage for excellent sensitivity.  The camera electronics and CCD are from the soon to be released Smart Guider camera, our new autonomous guide camera.  The All Sky camera will precede the guider since the software task is easier and is essentially done at this point. The All Sky camera incorporates the Smart Guider Camera inside an aluminum enclosure with an acrylic dome to protect the fisheye lens.  The fisheye lens is Fujinon’s new FE185C046HA-1, with a 1.4 mm focal length, F/1.4.  We have tested this lens and the image quality is excellent wide open, all the way to the horizon.  Figure One below shows an All Sky camera image with the Fujinon lens and KAI-340 CCD.  The exposure was 60 seconds from a light polluted backyard – the first quarter moon had just set behind the roof.

Additional Information

Name SBIG - ALLSKY340 Color
Manufacturer Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)
Model ALLSKY340C1