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Denkmeier - Standard Super System with Case - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Denkmeier Optical


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the Baader Maxbright Binocular Viewers as replacements.

Denkmeier - Standard Super System Binoviewer w/ 2" OCS (Optical Corrector System) and Case

                                       " Meticulous Quality Control defines all Denkmeier Binoviewers "

  • A 2” multipurpose Optical Corrector System (OCS) allows unrestricted binocular viewing with any type of telescope
  • Denkmeier Standard Super System has a dual arm Power x Switch that provides multiple magnifications from a single pair of eyepieces.
  • High quality BaK4 prisms are polished to 1/4th wave accuracy and anti-reflection coated with magnesium fluoride for high light transmission.
  • Every unit is Hand Collimated to ensure amazingly sharp stellar images.
  • Included SCD (self-centering diopter) eyepiece holders are CNC machined of anodized aluminum.
  • Individual eyepiece focus can be accomplished smoothly and with great accuracy.
  • Every Standard Super System Binoviewer is available as part of a package: SCT Package, Newtonian Package, or Refractor Package.
  • The Denkmeier (OCS)™ Optical Corrector System has allowed access to low-power views of the sky with TWO EYES ! 
  • Denkmeier Standard Super System Binoviewers have superb optical quality for Planetary, Lunar, Solar and Deepsky use.
  • Denkmeier adjustable foam fitted Travel Case  




The SCD (self-centering diopter) eyepiece holders (shown above) are CNC machined of anodized aluminum. They are self-centering for proper merging of the images. A twist on the holder collar collapses an internal split ring evenly around the 360° circumference of the eyepiece barrel. This centers each eyepiece in the light path and holds it in place without scratching, and without the use of an easily-lost thumbscrew. Individual focusing of each eyepiece is accomplished by rotating a second collar on each eyepiece. This raises and lowers the eyepieces to change the focus in either or both eyepieces, the same way the diopter adjustment on a binocular corrects for differences in your vision. The interpupillary distance extends from 50mm to 75mm, a wide enough spread to accommodate virtually any eye spacing, even that of children.

The Super System binoviewer combines the OCS optics with a unique dual arm Power x Switch lens system that you can move in and out of the light path at the touch of a finger. Used in various combinations, the arms allow three different magnifications with a single pair of eyepieces, no matter whether you’re using a refractor, Newtonian reflector, or Schmidt-Cassegrain.

With the SCT Package  the Super System binoviewer/Power x Switch is used without the OCS cell or Newtonian spacer tube. The 2” nosepiece is threaded into the Power Switch/binoviewer combination and the complete assembly is inserted into your 2” SCT star diagonal. Using the dual Power Switch arms in various combinations allows magnifications of 0.66x, 1.15x, and 2x with a single pair of eyepieces.

With the Newtonian Package the supplied 2” Newtonian spacer tube, 2” nosepiece, and 2” multipurpose OCS cell are used as a single connected unit and threaded into the combined binoviewer/Power x Switch assembly. The stacked unit then slides into your Newtonian’s 2” focuser. Using the dual Power Switch arms in various combinations allows magnifications of 1.3x, 2.3x, and 3x with a single pair of eyepieces.

With Refractor Packages the Newtonian spacer tube is not used. The 2” nosepiece is threaded into the Power x Switch assembly and the OCS cell is threaded into the standard 48mm filter threads on the telescope side of your 2” star diagonal. The binoviewer is then loaded into the eyepiece side of the star diagonal and the star diagonal inserted into your 2” refractor focuser. Using the dual Power x Switch arms in various combinations allows magnifications of 1.3x, 2.3x, and 3x with a single pair of eyepieces.



                                                              Denkmeier Binoviewers - Superb viewing with Both Eyes Open!








Product Series

We are pleased to announce the newest Denkmeier Binoviewer System! It offers our patented optical Power Switching device, turning a single pair of eyepieces into three pairs! It includes our world famous 2" OCS System, and works on any telescope. Available in both a Standard Model and a Denk II Premium Model.

One System For Any Telescope

Now, we offer The Super System in the quest to simplify things for our new customers. The Super systems offer Simplification without compromise in performance. All parts are included in both the Standard and The Denk II Super Systems for using with any telescope. Every System includes the Dual Arm Power x Switch and the 2" OCS System. The only difference between The Standard and Denk II Models is the Binoviewer!

Here's How It Works


The illustration at right shows The Super System as "Newtonian-Ready". The large OCS Optic and 2" OCS Tubes slide Into you Newt 2" Focuser. The User Manual provides clear instructions allowing thee magnification factors: 1.3X/2.3Xand 3X with a single pair of eyepieces. We can supply our Denk Eyepieces or Tele Vue Eyepieces!


The Middle Newtonian Spacer has been removed, and the 2" OCS Cell has been threaded iknto the star diagonal on the telescope side. Quality 2" Star Diagonals have female 48mm threads on the telescope side tube. Denkmeier sells our own 2" Super Quality Star Diagonals that are optimized for The Super Systems . Slide into your Refractor Focuser and you are ready to go! You will have basically the same magnification factors using the Power x Switch: 1.3X/2.3X/3X. Also works on Mewlons, Classical Cassegrains, and any scope using a star


For SCTS like The Meade and Celestrons, The 2" OCS Cell is not used. The Middle Newtonian Spacer has been removed as it was in Refractor Use. The Binoviewer with it's Power x Switch and 2" Nosepiece is simply loaded into your 2" Star Diagonal. Now, true Reduction Results since the OCS Cell is not needed to acheive focus. This is because your SCT mirrors allow focus to occur. Power switch facors are now .66X/1.15X/2X. The OCS can be used on the binoviewer nosepiece with the high power arm of the Power x Switch for 3X. Simply thread it onto the Bino nosepiece and push in the high power arm.

Additional Information

Name Denkmeier - Standard Super System with Case - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Denkmeier Optical
Model S-SS-C
Discountinued Yes
Additional Information fits most telescopes
Alignment Procedures factory hand collimated
Aperture 26mm
Carrying Case fitted foam
Eyepieces optional (Denk or TeleVue)
Eyepiece Barrel Size 1.25"
Filter(s) optional
Filter Wheel optional filter switch
Focus Assist SCD adjustable eyepiece holders
Mounting connections per scope type
Optical Coatings fully multi-coated w/ special dielectric
Prisms BaK-4 1/8 wave accuracy
Solar Filter optional
Star Diagonal optional