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QHYCCD - Planetary Autoguider Camera

Model#:QHY5 II

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Manufactured by: QHYCCD


The 1/2 inch Aptina MT9M034 sensor is a 1.3 megapixel CCD imager and is compatible with many different lenses due to its c-mount interface connection. Like the rest of the QHY5-II series, it has a 1.25" barrel size and a standard ST-4 guide port for autoguiding. The 1280x1024 pixel array and 5.2um pixels render a maximum fps rate of 30 which is excellent for high contrast. The USB interface can serve as a connection to the camera and as a source for electricity and power, however the USB connection also allows a full down load speed that eliminates noise. AstroFactors has included a parfocal adjustment ring, 1.25" extension tube/filter holder, and USB and guide cable.

  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • 1/2" Aptina MT9M034 sensor
  • C-mount interface connection
  • 1.25" barrel size
  • ST-4 guide port
  • 5.2um pixels
  • 30 maximum fps
  • USB interface
  • Low noise









Additional Information

Name QHYCCD - Planetary Autoguider Camera
Manufacturer QHYCCD
Model QHY5 II
Pixel Size 5.2um x5.2um square
Quantum Efficiency 56%
Sensor Type Micron 1/2inch MT9M001