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Denkmeier - Bino-Corrector for P.S.T.

Model#: PST-BC

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Manufactured by: Denkmeier Optical

Denkmeier - Bino-Corrector for P.S.T.


Our latest innovation is a relay system that allows the Coronado P.S.T." to be used with any Denk Binoviewer. See our Sun in H-a with two eyes. The Bino-Corrector threads into any Standard or Denk II Binoviewer or Power x Switch that is attached to a Denk Binoviewer. Amazing detail is visible and best of all its convertible - Produces both low and high power images with a single pair of eyepieces.

Allows Two Magnification Factors

The Bino-Corrector has been designed to be small in stature but large when it comes to flexibility. In fact, it is only three inches long in both the high power and low power modes. The high 2.6X magnification mode brings out detail in prominences yet still allows the entire Solar Disc to be seen in our 65 degree D21 eyepieces. When seeing is unsteady or if lower magnification is desired, thread in the zero-additional-profile low power optical cell and magnification is reduced to 1.5X . It's that easy.

Designed For Best Results

The P.S.T. is a very unique instrument and we at Denkmeier Optical have spent many months observing the Sun with it through our Binoviewers. We have designed the Bino-Corrector so that it functions at two magnification factors that have provided the most stunning views in typical seeing conditions. Because the 2.6X mode allows long focal length eyepieces to be used, the generous eye-relief that they normally produce is maintained, but at higher powers. Since the P.S.T. image scale can be small to begin with, eyepieces with short focal lengths and limited eye-relief must normally be used for close-up examination of prominences. Now, with the 2.6X mode of the Bino-Corrector, long focal length eyepieces with better eye-relief will yield high power views. This means that you can stay a bit back from the oculars and reduce the high-power shakes that often occur when the observer must be in physical contact with the eyepieces. Of course, seeing may not always be rock steady and low magnification mode is only seconds away. Thread the zero-additional-profile low power optic into the Bino-Corrector and magnification is reduced to only 1.5X (in comparison to the magnification of the same eyepiece used in the P.S.T. without the Binoviewer).

Additional Information

Name Denkmeier - Bino-Corrector for P.S.T.
Manufacturer Denkmeier Optical
Model PST-BC