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WO Binoviewer

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William Optics does it better and especially cheaper! Until today, you could only choose between so-called high-end, expensive binoviewers or monocular eyepiece observation... Today you can enjoy the benefits of BaK4 quality binoviewers in your refractor, Newtonian or SCT scope by choosing William Optics Binoviewer Optional 2x barlow corrector 1.25" nosepiece and a 1.25" extender nosepiece are available separately for customers with special focusing needs. You can also purchase eyepieces for your binoviewer through our online shop. We recommend 20mm to 15mm focal lengths. You can choose between WA, SWA and UWA eyepieces.

The price is inviting, but the experience of two-eyed viewing is even better! Prism material: BaK-4 FMC IP Accomodation: 53mm to 75mm Clear Aperture: 20.2mm E.P. holders: Helical focusing, compression rings Dimensions: 120mm X 112mm X 42mm Optical Path: 100mm (4") Weight: approx. 520g (without eyepieces)