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Vixen VMC95L Modified Cassegrain Telescopes.

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The Vixen VMC95L, is a 95 mm (3.7 inch) aperture modified Cassegrain f/11 optical tube assembly. The VMC95L is intriguing in its own right with interesting features including a curved vane Secondary Mirror Spider to reduce diffraction effects. Like its larger cousins the VMC110L, VMC200L and VMC260L, this scope features a meniscus lens just ahead of the Secondary Mirror.

Telescope Specifications: * Design: Reflector, Modified Cassegrain * Objective Diameter: 95mm * Focal Length: 1045mm F/11 * Diagonal: 1.25" Built In Star and Straight Through Camera Port * Focuser: Built In, Slides Primary Mirror * Built in Dew Shield, with Unique Curved Secondary Holder * Includes Universal GP Dovetail to fit all Vixen and many other mounts * Weight: 4lbs (extremely portable)