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Vixen Sphinx-D Mounts

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While the outsides might look similar to the standard Sphinx Mount, the changes that have happened under the hood are huge! Incorporating one piece hardened steel RA and DEC shafts with needle bearings throughout, the new Sphinx D can handle a load capacity up to 50 lbs. This now comes standard with PEC and the incredibly accurate SX Polare Finder Scope. Astronomers with larger optical tubes and all level of astrophotographers are sure to feel right at home with the intuitive controls that so many have become accustomed to with the standard Sphinx Mount. Its 4.7″ Color LCD Display gives an exact position against its scrolling star chart, any object is a point and look away! The innovative STAR BOOK hand controller offers astronomical navigation with a large full-color LCD screen! The color screen is a detailed star chart that acts as a navigational and GOTO guide for the mount. Zoom-In/Out buttons for the color star chart display also control the motor speed. As you zoom in closer to an object on the display screen, the motor speed automatically becomes finer and as you zoom out the motor speed increases to cover larger distances. Features and menu options are displayed on the large color screen and are easily navigated with simple buttons on the controller. The STAR BOOK is amazingly easy to use and makes the SPHINX available to a wide range of ages and experience levels.

Sphinx SXD Mount Features:

  • Solid Steel RA and DEX Axis shafts
  • Needle Bearings
  • 180 Tooth Brass Worm Gear in both axes
  • Interactive Starbook with a 4.7″ Color LCD Display - scrolls and zoom into detailed star charts with a built in speaker
  • Equatorial Mount Head without Counterweight 15 lbs. Mount Capacity 50 lbs.
  • Includes: one 4.2 lb and one 8.2 lb counterweight Full Go-To capabilities to over 22,000 objects Universal GP Plate receiver allows many telescopes to mount Completely upgradeable firmware and comet database