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Meade LXD75 Mounts

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Sturdy Mount with Heavy-Duty Castings Designed by Meade's engineers and manufactured for high-performance observing and astrophotography. Shaft & Bearing System The sturdy German Equatorial Mount is accurate and precise. The RA and Dec axes move effortlessly on four highprecision stainless steel ball bearings. High-Precision Worm Gears Located on both axes for smooth tracking and slewing. High-Precision Pointing (HPP) For even more precise pointing use the HPP function. HPP puts objects in the center of the field-of view which allows you to confirm deep sky objects at the faintest limits of the telescope's capability. Periodic Error Correction Corrects periodic errors on the RA axis over the course of one or more training periods, thereby minimizing guiding corrections during long-exposure photography. 9-Speed Drive Controls From a rapid slew rate of 4.5°/sec. to 1x sidereal-it's all controlled from the AutoStar controller. 3-Star Alignment Ensures precise alignment. It eliminates the need for a complicated optical/mechanical alignment process. Heavy-Duty Tripod Variable-height field tripod with spreader bar brace provides the stability and vibration damping required for visual observation and astrophotography. Illuminated Polar Alignment Viewfinder For quick, precise polar alignment. Power Supply Powered by 8 D-size batteries. Can also be powered by optional car cigarette lighter or AC wall adapter. MEADE AUTOSTAR® The AutoStar controller helps you quickly find, and GO TO over 30,000 objects in the night sky. View planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, and comets…all at the push of a button. AutoStar is pre-programmed with several guided tours, including the popular Tonight's Best™. Input date, time and location-then let AutoStar take you on a guided tour of the best objects that particular night. STANDARD FEATURES * Telescope Mounting: LXD75, German-type * Setting Circle Diameters, RA and Dec.: 2.25" * Polar Illuminated Viewfinder: included * RA Control System: 9-speed, microprocessor-controlled, 12v DC, 72mm (2.83") worm gear * Declination Control System: 9-speed, microprocessor-controlled, 12v DC, 72mm (2.83") worm gear * Hemispheres of Operation: North and South * GO TO Pointing Precision (approx.): 15 arc mins. * Slow-Motion Controls: electric, both axes * Bearings: 2 – Ball Bearings RA: outer – 1x58mm, 1x47mm; inner – 1x45mm, 1x35mm DEC: outer – 1x72mm, 1x47mm; inner – 1x55mm, 1x30mm * AutoStar® Hand Controller: PIC 16C57 microcontroller; 2 line x 16 alphanumeric character display; 20-button keypad, red LED backlit * Main Telescope Controller: Motorola® 68HC11 microprocessor; 1-Megabyte flash memory (field reprogrammable); 32K RAM * Batteries (user-supplied): 8 x D-cells. LXD75-Series models may alternatively be powered from an automobile cigarette lighter plug, using the #607 Power Cord, or from a 115v AC home outlet, using the #547 AC Adapter; both the #607 and the #547 include 25 ft. cords. (not included) * Battery Life (approx.): 40 hours * Onboard Celestial Object Database: 30,223 objects * Slew Speeds both axes: 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x sidereal; 1.5°/sec., 3°/sec., 4.5°/sec. * Tracking Rates: sidereal, lunar, or custom-selected from 2000 incremental rates