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Lunt Solar 6mm thru 32mm Blocking Filters

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Lunt Solar Systems currently offers 4 blocking filter apertures for use with our Etalon systems. The Blocking Filter houses additional filters which are required for the safety and performance of the solar package. Blocking filter required on all Solar Systems

 Lunt is currently offering the B600, B1200, and B1800 in a 1.25" diagonal format with fixed filter. The B3200 is being offered in a 2" straight thru with a tiltable filter mechanism. The number after the "B" refers to the maximum focal length of telescope for which that particular blocking filter will provide a full disk image of the Sun. A blocking filter larger than that required to achieve the full disk image may result in image "ghosts" at the edge of the field of view. Lunt Solar blocking filters contain a unique filter system. Lunt can only warranty safety or performance when blocking filter is paired with a Lunt Solar System.