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Lunt Solar 60mm Hydrogen-alpha Double Pass Telescope System

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This refractor based system has a precision aligned air spaced doublet with a 60mm aperture. The focal length is 600mm providing a ~5.4mm image thru a 6mm blocking filter. Course focus adjustment via a slide tube. Fine adjustment is achieved with a Crayford style focuser with 10:1 reduction standard. The scope has an internally mounted tunable etalon system which has been double passed using our Patent Pending technology. The optical system has been optimized for the Hydrogen-alpha wavelength.

 The Double Pass System... The best views of the Sun are undoubtedly seen thru a dual etalon system. The reduction in bandpass from an estimated 0.8 Angstroms to 0.5 Angstroms just seem to bring the Sun's surface to life. Larger apertures on a good seeing day usually result in a WOW! from those who are lucky enough. Adding a second etalon to an existing etalon is not quite as simple as it may seem. Both etalons need to be brought on line (tuned) and both need to be tiltable such that all ghosts are eliminated. Ideally the transmission curves should overlap perfectly when on band to provide for the best possible resolution and contrast. Lunt Solar has engineered a system that takes into account all these issues. The light from the primary mirror is passed thru the same etalon twice. Given that the etalon is tuned on band for the first pass it is, by default, on band for the second pass and is a perfect match to itself. The loss of transmission due to the beamsplitting or doublestacking is more than made up for with the increase in aperture. • An infra red reflecting window (ERF) is provided early in the optical path to remove unwanted heat from the system. • An optically optimized collimating system ensures true collimation, coma correction, and off axis (sweet spot) reduction. • Our newly designed Induced Transmission Filter (see "safety") will ensure long term safety and performance. Specifications: • Aperture: 60mm Precision Aligned Doublet • Focal Length: 600mm • Band Pass: <0.55 Angstroms RMS • Focuser: Precision Crayford style with 10:1 included • Color: Pearl White with Black Anodize System Includes: • LS60 Ha Telescope. • Clam Shell with mounting holes. • Re-enforced case with foam.