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Kendrick 18 AmpHr Batteries

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DUAL PLUG BATTERIES These batteries are 18 amp hour units in powder coated metal boxes with two power outputs, a digital volt meter, a padded soft shell carry bag and a .750ma float charger. They are also available in an 18 volt version for Pre GPS LX200 owners (power cord for LX200 or the Losmandy Gemini GoTo system not included). The battery weighs 15 lbs and is a sealed Absorbed Glass Mat unit making it more durable for travel and safe for airline travel. None of our batteries have a memory and can be charged at any time in their cycle.

Like all our batteries, the standard Kendrick Power Pack is a high quality sealed Absorbed Glass Mat battery. It comes in a padded soft shell carrying case with an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable transport. Also included is a .750ma float charger. It is fused at 10 amps and is equipped with a cigarette lighter socket. As previously stated this battery does not have a memory so intermittent charging will not affect it. Actually, we recommend it. NEVER use a automotive charger to charge this battery. It will ruin the battery. Automotive chargers charge at a higher voltage than other battery chargers. If the charger charges at 14.8 volts or higher, the electrolyte will begin to turn to gas. In a normal car battery this is not a problem as the battery can be topped up. In a sealed battery (which ours is) the electrolyte that turns to gas will be vented through its seals and cannot be replaced. By adding up the amp hour rating of our heaters indicated on our Dew Remover page, one can determine how long this battery will last before it needs charging. Please remember that the total amperage of the heaters should be halved, because under almost all conditions the controller will be set at its low setting, which effectively turns off the heaters 60 to 50% of the time. You will need to know the draw of any other items that are to be powered by the battery to make this calculation accurate. As an example, an 8" SCT with a corrector plate heater , finder scope heater and eyepiece heater would draw about 1.80 amps per hour. Divide this by two and you get .90 amps per hour. At this rate of drain one can realistically expect to get about 18 hours of service out of the battery before it needs to be charged. The battery is under warranty for three months from date of shipping. The rest of the battery pack is under warranty for 6 months after the date of purchase. Consequential damages for malfunctions, resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, failure to follow operating instruction, or unauthorized repairs will void this warranty. BATTERIES MUST BE RETURNED IN THEIR ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX FOR WARRANTY REPAIRS/REPLACEMENT. Warranties for batteries will only be honored on batteries shipped in their original packaging.