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FLI High Speed Filter Wheels

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High-performance servo motors featuring rare Earth magnets coupled with backlash-free power transfer provide ultimate torque which translates to ultimate speed. Adjacent filter distance is traveled in 30ms while the longest distance (5 filter positions or 180 degree wheel turn) is covered in less than 100ms.

Wheel Design

Weight-reduction features have been added to the wheel design for maximum speed. High accuracy and reliable operation is achieved by using custom designed components and precision machining. The filter wheel doubles as a pulley, reducing the number of parts necessary for efficient power transfer and maximizing the torque delivered by the motor.

Deep Pockets

Ten 32mm filter pockets accommodate a wide selection of filters up to 9mm thick.

Additional flexibility is provided by 32mm-to-25mm adapters expanding the range of filter possibilities even further. The filters are secured in place by threaded retainers.

Filter Access

An oversized opening complemented by a threaded lid provide convenient access for filter replacement eliminating the need to disassemble the unit.

Filter Position Indicator

The current filter selection as well as the position aligned with the filter replacement port (see previous) is indicated externally.

Integrated Electronics

All of the drive and control electronics facilitating the functionality of the HS10 are contained in the filter wheel housing. This simplified solution eliminates the need for an external controller and the associated wiring hassles. It is still possible to operate multiple filter wheels through the same serial port by connecting them in daisy-chained mode. Simply connect a computer to the incoming port and a second wheel to the outgoing one to achieve functionality equivalent to a two-wheel system driven by a central control unit. Up to three filter wheels can be operated from the same serial port.

Aside from motor drive and control circuitry, the integrated circuit board features a shutter controller allowing for a direct connection of a shutter without the need of external drive electronics.