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PlaneWave - 14" CDK Corrected Dall-Kirkham Carbon Fiber Telescope


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Manufactured by: PlaneWave Instruments


PlaneWave 14" CDK Corrected Dall-Kirkham Carbon Fiber Telescope


The PlaneWave Instruments CDK14 is a 14 inch (0.36 m) f/7.2 Corrected Dall-Kirkham Astrograph telescope. The CDK14 covers a 70 mm field of view without any field curvature, off-axis coma, or astigmatism. The CDK14 is a lightweight carbon-fiber truss design weighing less than 50lbs, with 3 cooling fans blowing air throughout the back of the telescope. The CDK optical design is the innovative solution for unsurpassed astro-imaging quality at an affordable price.

The CDK (Corrected Dall-Kirkham) Optical Design is an innovative solution for unsurpassed astroimaging quality at an affordable price. The CDK telescope design provides excellent imaging with large format CCD cameras while remaining superb for visual use. The CDK design far exceeds the off-axis performance of most commercial telescope designs including the Ritchey-Chrétien design.

This no-compromise design is unique in making the optical alignment forgiving and collimation very easy. This guarantees the user the best possible performance from the telescope. The end result at the image plane of the CDK design is no off-axis coma, no off-axis astigmatism, perfectly flat field (no off-axis defocus). The CDK design will give you pinpoint stars from the center to the corner of the field of view.







Product Series

The CDK telescope is a brand new optical design invented by Dave Rowe. The goal of the design is to make an affordable astrographic telescope with a large enough imaging plane to take advantage of the large format CCD cameras of today. Most telescope images degrade as you move off-axis from either coma, off-axis astigmatism, or field curvature. The CDK design suffers from none of these problems. The CDK is coma free, has no off-axis astigmatism, and has a flat field. The design is a simple and elegant solution to the problems posed above. The CDK consists of three components: an ellipsoidal primary mirror, a spherical secondary mirror and a lens group. All these components are optimized to work in concert in order to create superb pinpoint stars across the entire 42mm image plane.

Additional Information

Name PlaneWave - 14" CDK Corrected Dall-Kirkham Carbon Fiber Telescope
Manufacturer PlaneWave Instruments
Model 140101
Aperture 14 inch (356mm)
Backfocus Distance 11.09 inch (282 mm)
Central obstruction 23.5% by surface area; 48.5% by diameter
Diameter 14.1 inch (358 mm)
Focal Length 2563mm (101 inch)
Focal Ratio F/7.2
Optical Design Corrected Dall-Kirkham (CDK)
Optical performance 3.1 micron RMS at 13mm off-axis; 6.0 micron RMS at 35mm off-axis
Optical Tube Length 35 inch (889 mm)
Optimal field of View 70mm Image Circle
Primary Mirror Precision Annealed Borosilicate (Fused Silica available as optional upgrade)
Shape (primary mirror) Prolate Ellipsoid