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Shelyak Instruments - LISA slit Infra-Red

Model#: PF0021IR

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Manufactured by: Shelyak Instruments



Explore to the limit of your telescope with our LISA low resolution high luminosity spectrograph. With its slit, LISA is specially designed for faint or extended objects.
It is an educational tool for student to quickly record spectra of stars and nebulae and focus on actual project rather than long observing hours.
It is also a scientifical tool to study faint objects (novae, variable stars, comets, asteroids, nebulae, galaxies, quasars...), to monitor group of stars, to analyse chemicaly planets in visible or near infra-red domain, etc...


Additional Information

Name Shelyak Instruments - LISA slit Infra-Red
Manufacturer Shelyak Instruments
Model PF0021IR