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Software Bisque - Paramount ME Mount - DISCONTINUED

Model#: ParamountME

Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Software Bisque


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the SO-MEII as a replacement.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Get ready to patrol the night sky with the professionals. The Paramount ME™ Robotic Telescope Mount is a blissful marriage of advanced CNC engineering and the Software Bisque Observatory Suite′s technical sophistication. This union will carry you from interactive telescope and camera control through script-writing and remote operation to achieve a level of hands-off automation unheard of - until now. Quite simply, when instructed, the Paramount ME will heft 68 kg (150 lbs.) of telescope and imaging equipment. With unburdened ease, the Paramount ME meets the demands of nightly operation; unflinching in its professional-quality pointing and tracking accuracy. Paramount ME. The only robotic telescope mount designed to exceed the demands of our digital age.

ENGINEERING Who would think of machining 8.8-inch right ascension bearings and 6.7-inch declination bearings directly into the gears? We would. Why? With this single design innovation all the bearing strength (and stresses) are concentrated at the axis of action (and reaction) of the gears. This virtually eliminates torsional spring effects and bending moment found in standard axial construction. The result is increased payload capacity and vastly improved performance while acquiring celestial data. Every element of the Paramount ME design enhances observatory and field performance by reducing weight, without sacrificing overall rigidity and load capacity. The Paramount ME tips the scales at 29.5 kg (65 lbs.), yet effortlessly hefts more than twice its weight in payload. No small engineering feat.  

SOFTWARE While the Software Bisque Observatory Control Suite needs little introduction, there are some aspects worth mentioning. One noteworthy item is ProTrack™. This little gem goes beyond conventional periodic error correction. You see, ProTrack compensates for tube-flexure, atmospheric refraction, polar misalignment, gear errors and other system errors, while tracking! What a thought. You can now take longer unguided CCD images. It′s the TheSky6 Professional Edition, too, that makes a Paramount ME observatory operate like a fine timepiece. Nowhere else can you find pre-programmable, scriptable system that delivers sub arcsecond astrometry, unattended operation, and Internet, WAN or LAN accessibility. If capturing 200-300 pinpoint deep-space images nightly (while you sleep, eat or travel) sounds like productivity (or just a good thing) to you, then you′ve come to the right place.

CONTROL SYSTEM We call it the Bisque Telescope Control System (TCS), you′ll probably call it incredible due to its optimum torque, high slew rates, and vast dynamic range. The Bisque TCS has 56-bits of internal precision. That means the right ascension and declination motors can slew from zero to about five degrees per second and at any rate in between. The outcome? Precise tracking for deep space objects and professionally imaged comets, asteroids or any objects that move at sidereal or non-sidereal rates. Belt driven research-grade gears make backlash nearly non-existent. Brushless DC servo motors ensure long-life to meet the demands that continuous-operation survey astronomy place on a robotic mount. All while placing fewer demands on you.




Additional Information

Name Software Bisque - Paramount ME Mount - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Software Bisque
Model ParamountME
Discountinued Yes