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Orion - AZ-4 Micro-Motion Altazimuth Mount


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Manufactured by: Orion


Orion AZ-4 Micro-Motion Altazimuth Mount

This affordable and lightweight altazimuth mount provides smooth, precise slow motion control. It’s a pleasantly portable altazimuth mount and tripod combo that can be taken virtually anywhere for great grab-and-go performance with smaller telescopes and spotting scopes.

  • Pleasantly portable altazimuth mount provides smooth micro-motion control for telescopes, spotting scopes, and more
  • Capable of supporting payloads up to 10 lbs., this lightweight mount and tripod is an ideal upgrade from a field photo tripod for smaller telescopes
  • Slow motion controls on both altitude and azimuth axes of motion let you track moving objects precisely, day or night
  • Weighs just 7 lbs. for great grab-and-go portability
  • At night, the AZ-4 can point most telescopes straight up to observe objects at or near the zenith

The Orion AZ-4 Micro-Motion Altazimuth Mount is an ideal upgrade from a standard photo tripod. It has the benefits of extra stability, more load capacity, and precise slow motion control make it a perfect match for smaller telescopes and spotting scopes, without adding significant weight or bulk to your setup.

Astronomy enthusiasts and daytime terrestrial target viewers will appreciate the slow motion controls on both axes, providing a smooth and gradual movement to adjust your view or track moving objects, even distant celestial targets. You’ll enjoy the smooth motion in both altitude (up/down) and azimuth (left/right) axes of motion. For nighttime use, the AZ-4 is capable of pointing most telescopes straight up so you can observe objects located at or near the zenith.

The ample tubular stainless steel tripod legs feature easy height adjustment and give the AZ-4 Micro-Motion Altazimuth Mount a rock-solid foundation. Despite the high degree of stability and sturdiness, the mount and tripod combo remains light, totaling only 7 lbs. for great grab-and-go potential. A removable accessory tray is included, which has cutouts for three 1.25" telescope eyepieces.

The Orion AZ-4 Mount boasts a max load capacity of 10 lbs., making it a great match for cameras of all sizes, as well as camcorders, spotting scopes, binoculars (equipped with an L-bracket or tripod adapter), refractor telescopes up to 100mm in aperture, and Maksutov-Cassegrain style telescopes up to 127mm in aperture. The mount accepts our standard telescope dovetail format, and our 1/4”-20 adapter (sold separately) for convenient use with most cameras and spotting scopes.

If you’re thinking of upgrading from your photo tripod, or just want an affordable and capable altazimuth mount with useful micro-motion controls, take a steady look at the AZ-4, an affordable way to add precision to your viewing experience!





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Name Orion - AZ-4 Micro-Motion Altazimuth Mount
Manufacturer Orion
Model 05781