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Orion - 2" Extra-Narrowband Sulfur-II Filter

Model#: 05546

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Manufactured by: Orion


Orion 2" Extra-Narrowband Sulfur-II Filter

Effectively blacken the background sky with extra-narrowband filters to produce striking, high-contrast astrophotography of emission nebulae. Orion's 2" Extra-Narrowband Sulfur-II Imaging Filter will do just that. It is ideal for use with monochrome CCD cameras like Orion's Parsec 8300M.


  • Astrophotography filter highlights the deep red sulfur II wavelength features of photogenic emission nebulas
  • Filter transmits 90% of light at 672.4nm wavelength of S-II light
  • Full width half-maximum (FWHM) bandpass is 7nm or less for optimal performance
  • Astrophotography filter essentially blocks all other wavelengths of light, including light pollution, so you can capture clear images in less than ideal conditions
  • Threaded to fit Orion 2" astrophotography accessories, including nosepiece of Orion CCD cameras and inside Filter Wheels


It's one of a set of three filters designed to capture details of faint emission nebulae in monochrome astrophotography by creating high-contrast. These specialized "line" filters transmit only the specific wavelengths of light import in emission nebulae, while blocking out the rest. Orion's 2" Extra-Narrowband Sulfur-II Imaging Filter has a full-width half maximum (FWHM) bandpass of just 7nm, ensuring high-contrast images, even in heavily light-polluted or brightly moonlit skies. This filter can be used separately or in combination with a filter wheel for advanced tri-color astrophotography.

Go beyond RGB imaging and capture your favorite nebulae in a revealing new light — no matter how light polluted your skies. Add Orion's 2" Extra-Narrowband Sulfur-II Imaging Filter and see the difference! Includes a protective plastic case.




Additional Information

Name Orion - 2" Extra-Narrowband Sulfur-II Filter
Manufacturer Orion
Model 05546
Bandwidth Narrowband