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Orion - 2" Extra Narrowband Filter Set


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Manufactured by: Orion


Orion 2" Narrowband Filter Set

Orion's 2" Extra Narrowband Hydrogen-Alpha, Oxygen-III, and Sulfur-II filters are designed to enhance the contrast of emission nebulae in monochrome astrophotography. They are perfect for using with a monochrome CCD camera like Orion's Parsec 8300M Astronomical Imaging Camera.

  • These specialized astrophotography filters pass select wavelengths and essentially block all other wavelengths of light, including light pollution, so you can capture images in less than ideal conditions
  • Ideal for use with Orion monochrome Parsec and StarShoot astrophotography cameras
  • H-Alpha filter transmits 90% of light at 656.3nm wavelength
  • S-II filter highlights deep red Sulfur-II wavelength features of emission nebulae
  • O-III filter highlights blue/green Oxygen-III wavelength features of emission nebulae

Imaging with extra-narrowband filters is the latest technique used by amateur astronomers for producing striking, high-contrast color CCD astrophotos of emission nebulae. These specialized 'line' filters transmit only the specific wavelengths of light important in these nebulae, while blocking out all the rest. They blacken the background sky to produce high-contrast images, even in heavily light-polluted or brightly moonlit skies. The filters can be used separately or in combination with a filter wheel for advanced tri-color astrophotography.

Capture your favorite nebulae in a revealing new light — no matter how light-polluted your skies. Add Orion's 2" Extra Narrowband CCD Filters to your imaging repertoire! Includes a protective plastic case for each.




Additional Information

Name Orion - 2" Extra Narrowband Filter Set
Manufacturer Orion
Model 25545
Bandwidth Narrowband