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Opticstar - PX-137C Coolair Color CCD Camera


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Place your order to join our wait list - no deposit required.

Manufactured by: Opticstar


Opticstar PX-137C Coolair Color CCD Camera


The PX-137C is a scientific grade colour sCMOS camera that combines high frame rates with extremely high sensitivity and unusually low noise. The PX-137C is very well suited for planetary, Lunar and Solar imaging where an appropriate solar telescope or solar filter is required. The PX-137C CoolAir fan-cooled camera offers exceptional value for money in terms of performance and versatility.

Capturing critical detail with the PX-137C is now possible due the sensor's unique characteristics and high quality camera electronics that keep electronic noise at minimal levels. With an exposure range of 1ms to 60 seconds the camera can also be used for introductory deep sky imaging. For longer exposures thermal noise is significantly reduced due to the camera’s built-in active air-cooling subsystem.

The camera's wide dynamic range makes it ideal for imaging demanding targets including planets, the Sun and the International Space Station among others. The PX-137M camera is also ideal for industrial inspection and microscopy applications.


Noise Reduction and Cooling

Thermal noise is kept to a minimum via a heat-sink that is directly attached to the back of the Sony sCMOS sensor and a low vibration fan that draws the heat out of the camera. Enclosed camera cases will typically show temperatures of around 10ºC above ambient temperature, these can rise dramatically during extended exposures. Air-cooled cameras such as the PX-137C will show internal temperatures of around 3ºC above ambient temperature under normal use, thermal noise halves for every 6 degrees of drop in temperature which means that a similar non air-cooled camera with have over twice the noise of the PX-137C during longer exposures.



The PX-137C requires a fully featured, full speed USB2.0 port to take advantage of all the camera's advanced features. The camera boasts a large Well Capacity of 15,000 e~ typically present in higher quality CCD sensors. The camera offers two modes of operation 1280x1038 and 668x512 resolutions. The PX-137C electronics in combination with the on-board sCMOS sensor ensure high signal-to-noise ratio even at very short exposure times.


Image Quality

The PX-137C camera can stream and store high quality video to disk at up to 50 frames per second at 668x512 resolution or at 25 frames per second at 1280x1030 resolution, it can also grab single frames. All video and single frames are captured without compression, ensuring high image quality.

The ability of the camera to capture and store high quality video to disk in real-time provides the data required for stacking any number of frames to create a single greatly enhanced quality image using image stacking software, these include the excellent AstroArt and freely available Deep Sky Stacker or Registax. AstroArt is more relevant when you want to manipulate the image but without altering the underlying data, AstroArt is therefore highly suitable for photometry.


ISCapture - Camera Control Software

The camera is bundled with ISCapture software for image capture and camera control with a point and click interface. It can capture single frames in AVI video format as well as single frames. The captured video data can optionally be compressed if required in MPEG-4 format. ISCapture includes functions for image processing and image measurements. It can also be used for a wide range of applications including microscopy.




Product Series

Opticstar CCD Video Cameras



Finding a good camera for planetary capture is always confusing and often times you settle for something less. Camera manufacturers boast about how good their products function, but after a few nights hoping to capture your first image the camera falls short of advertised hope-la and so does your enthusiasm for planetary imaging! Our 1/3" CCD Planetary, Lunar & Solar Video Cameras are designed as advanced digital video cameras using a USB 2.0 computer interface based together using a quality CCD sensor. Opticstar cameras feature high-speed capture or standard modes together with full hardware Gain and easy to access regions of interest so your focus is on the area you want to bring into view!  Our cameras are easy to use, easy to understand & produce awesome results!






Additional Information

Name Opticstar - PX-137C Coolair Color CCD Camera
Manufacturer Opticstar
Model OSRPX137C
Manufacturer Part No OSRPX137C
Custom Stock Status Place your order to join our wait list - no deposit required.
ADC (analog to digital converter) 12-bit ADC, full 4096 range
Bundled Software ISCapture, etAMCAP
Colour Bayer RGB Mosaic 8-bit or 16-bit uncompressed output
Computer Interface USB 2.0 with 1.8 metre cable
Computer Requirements Microsoft Windows (64-bit & 32-bit) XP/Vista/7/8; USB 2.0 port
Cooling Heat sink and fan
Data Format AVI video with or wihthout MPEG compression; BMP
Dynamic Range 4500:1 (Gain 1X)
Exposure time Automatic or Manual; 1 millisecond to 1 minute
Frames Per Second (fps) 25fps @ 1280x1038; 50fps @ 668x512
Gain in hardware, user selectable from 0% to >100% boost
Mounting to lens C to T-thread, M42 x 0.75
Mounting to microscope C to 23mm, C to 30mm, C to 30.5mm
Mounting to telescope C/CS to 1.25" (included)
Optical Format 1/3"
Peak QE 76% @ 500nm
Pixel Size 3.63µm x 3.63µm
Power Requirements USB 2.0 Bus Power
Quantum Efficiency 76% @ 500nm
Read Noise 3e- (RMS)
Resolution 1280(W) x 1038(H)
Sensor Type 1/3" Sony IMX035 Exmor CMOS Colour
Shutter Electronic Rolling
Window glass Clear, no Infra Red cut-off