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Opticstar - ED80S Gold 80mm ED Fluorite Doublet Refractor Optical Tube Assembly - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Opticstar


Opticstar ED80S Gold 80mm ED Fluorite Doublet Refractor Optical Tube Assembly



  • High quality apochromatic refractor
  • Lens type: FPL-53 Fluorite Doublet
  • Coatings: Broadband FMC
  • Lens diameter: 80mm
  • Focal ratio: f6.25
  • Focal length: 500mm
  • Two speed (1:10) Precision 2" rotatable focuser
  • Robust, all-metal construction
  • 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter included
  • Metal knife-edge baffles
  • Retractable dew shield
  • Finder scope saddle
  • Mounting rings (with 1/4" photo/c thread)
  • Aluminium case (or quality nylon, padded travel-case)


The Opticstar ED80S short-tube refractor is ideal as a portable scope and can be used for observing, imaging or as a guide scope. It uses a high quality 80mm apochromatic doublet that is fully broad-band multicoated to ensure maximum light transmission.

The ED80S uses the higher quality FPL53 Fluorite glass rather than the FPL52 or FPL51 types. FPL53 Fluorite glass suppresses chromatic aberration and is very well suited for short focal lengths unlike the FPL52 or FPL51 types. The optical tube greatly benefits from metal knife-edge baffles (not the plastic less effective step-type) that prevent stray light outside the field of view from reaching the focal plane. Knife-edge baffles markedly increase image contrast.

The dual speed Crayford type focuser, main tube and lens assembly are screwed into each other for maximum rigidity, no peripheral screws are used as they can compromise the rigidity of the telescope. This eliminates movement and ensures orthogonality.

The ED80S refractor features a high quality precision 1:10 two-speed Crayford type focuser with a 2" drawtube (1.25" adapter included), retractable metal dew shield, finder scope saddle, CNC rings with 1/4" photo tripod threads, broadband fully multi-coated optics and comes complete with a quality padded travel-case or alternatively with a hard aluminium re-enforced padded case.

With a focal length of 500mm (f/6.25) the ED80S is also very well suited for wide field astrophotography, guiding as well as for nature photography.

With a minimum total length of only 39cm and 80mm aperture the ED80S is the perfect travel scope. All you need to start using the ED80S is a photographic tripod, diagonal and eyepieces.



Focusing the Finder Scope

Loosen lens-cell B by turning it anti-clockwise. Turn the locking ring A clock-wise. Point the finder scope to a distant object, ideally a star, and bring the finder scope to focus by turning lens-cell B clock-wise or counter clock-wise as required. Once you have reached focus turn locking-ring A op.


The ED80S Gold as a Spotting Scope

The ED80S is ideal as a spotting scope due to is excellent optics and compactness. You will need a prism diagonal to obtain a corrected view through the ED80S as with any other refractor. With a prism diagonal the ED80S will focus down to 11 meters, with the addition of a 2 inch extension tube the ED80S will focus down to 6 meters. We highly recommend the padded case as this can by carried over one’s shoulder and provides ample storage space for the ED80S and its accessories.



Mounting on Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes (SCT)

The ED80S can be mounted on top of SCT telescopes with mounting rings, dovetail accessory adapters and dovetail plates as shown below.









Additional Information

Name Opticstar - ED80S Gold 80mm ED Fluorite Doublet Refractor Optical Tube Assembly - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Opticstar
Model OSRED80S6
Discountinued Yes
Custom Stock Status Out of Stock
Aperture 80mm
Construction All metal construction
Dew shield Retractable with metal screw-type cap
Focal Ratio f/6.25
Focuser Two speed (1:10) precision, rotatable, adjustable
Objective Objective
Optical Coatings Broadband FMC (fully multi-coated)
Optical Design Suitable for use with bino-viewers
Optical Tube Internally anti-reflection coated, knife-edge baffles
Optical Tube Weight 5.5 Ibs with Rings
Tube Diameter 97mm
Tube Ring Heavy duty tube rings and dovetail with photographic 1/4" thread