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Opticstar - 1.25" 9mm Advanced Wireless Illuminated Reticule


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Manufactured by: Opticstar


1.25" 9mm Advanced Wireless Illuminated Reticle by Opticstar



This high quality 9mm Plossl Illuminated Reticule Eyepiece is ideal for use for guiding and aligning the telescope mount via the ‘drifting’ method that ensures accurate alignment. The Plossl eyepiece includes a 4-element, multi-coated optical system, dioptre adjustment, and double cross-line/bull’s-eye type reticule.

  • 9mm Plossl, multi-coated
  • Rubber eyecup (foldable)
  • Red LED double cross-hair/bulls-eye
  • Wireless variable power illuminated reticule
  • Spring loaded micrometric x-y positioning controls
  • Adjustable dioptre
  • Internal batteries (included)


The four thumb screws on the eyepiece allow you to relocate the cross-hair in the field of view thus enabling you to drift-align on other stars within the field of view without the need to re-align the mount itself when selecting another star, something that is not desirable.

In addition two of the thumbscrews are spring loaded to facilitate quick and accurate cross-hair adjustment, not found on cheaper alternative products. 

Non-centrally obstructed double cross-line. Recommenced for astrophotography of any type.  






Additional Information

Name Opticstar - 1.25" 9mm Advanced Wireless Illuminated Reticule
Manufacturer Opticstar
Model OSRGEP09