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Officina Stellare - Hiper APO 115 Apochromatic Refractor Telescope

Model#: HIPER115

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Manufactured by: Officina Stellare


Officina Stellare Hiper APO 115 Apochromatic Refractor Telescope

Officina Stellare’s HiPer APO series are characterized by an innovative design, a result of the renowned famous “Italian style”. Nevertheless the aesthetic impact should not be the only aspect to attract the amateurs: underneath the quality of the components and the “supercar” finishing we find the most important optical and mechanical innovations developed in the past years for refractor instruments.
  • The Officina Stellare Hiper APO 115 is a gorgeous example of an apochromatic refractor telescope.
  • The Hiper APO series features laser controlled optics with autocollimation while providing an optical bench to assure that the autocollimation is at its highest quality and that all aberrations and residual tensions are absent from view.
  • Officina Stellare builds Optics feature interferometry for extra distinguising and superior processing quality in PtV (Peak to Valley) and RMS, and for superior and more efficient Strehl Ratio performance.
  • Refractors equipped by Officina Stellare feature very unique traits to speed up cooling time. Among a few of these features include computer optimized technical design and laser cutted and steel made internal baffles. These features are also beneficial in maintaining a reasonable internal air turbulance. These features bring more stable and sharp images to the amateur astronomer and a quicker setup time for the astrophotographer.


All of Officina Stellare's APO refractors of the HiPer APO series, starting from the 105mm model, are produced and delivered to the customer ready to be transformed into a special astrograph with reduced focall ength, fast focal ratio and an edge to edge, pin point corrected field up to the 24x36mm full format.

To exploit the versatility of this double focal system on these refracting scopes, the customer must only purchase the optional, 4 elements (one made with ED glass), 0.62x reducer/corrector and insert it, with a simple screw-on operation, into the imaging path. Officina Stellare has made the process of accomplishing this just faster and more convenient. 

The Hiper APO 130, equipped with this optical group can be switched up to an extremely corrected and incredibly fast 7 elements F/3.7 astrograph refractor! 

For the astroimager requiring to cover a larger field than the 24x36mm format, Officina Stellare offers a solution for you. Just introduced recently, the custom designed 0.62x reducer/corrector allows imaging with larger CCD sensors, such as the widely diffused KAF 16803(52mm diagonal).

The core of all HiPer APOs produced by Officina Stellare are the super-apochromatic objectives, obtained with an air spaced group of three lenses. These special triplets are made with an OK4 super ED glass lens, and two outer special dense crown glass lenses.The HiPer APO objectives can be undeniably considered as the best optics available on the market. All optics are laser controlled in autocollimation at very high magnification on an optical bench to assure the perfect collimation, the absence of aberrations and residual tensions. Each optic is supplied with an interferometric certificate distinguishing its uniqueness, the processing quality (PtV and RMS) and the performance (Strehl Ratio).

Officina Stellare’s refractors use mechanical characteristics which are unique worldwide. The use of an internal ventilation system for models 130, 152 and 180mm (named Officina Stellare Exclusive Cooling & Internal Seeing Stabilization System) coupled with a series of computer optimized technical design, laser cutted and steel made internal baffles, has the double advantage of speeding up the cooling down time and minimizing the instruments’s internal air turbulence, thanks to the laminar airflow generated alongthe tube walls.The razor sharp image at the focal plane is guaranteed by an adequate number of internal baffles and by the use of an opacising textile coupled with a specially composed black paint. The result is a perfect internal opaqueness.To make it more simple to take perfect pictures with very large CCD sensors, Officina Stellare Hiper APOs refractors offer a simple way of counterbalancing any non squaring error of the CCD and/or flexure of the imaging train from optimal optical axis. A simple, single movement, three point “collimation” system of the focuser allows the astroimager to have a perfect, uniform, imaging field. One more sophisticated detail is the design of the lens shade: when extracted completely, it is locked magnetically into the final, optimal, safe position. Even the protective objective cap is magnetically hooked to the lens shade. The tube is made by high vacuum process, top quality, carbon fibre, coupled with special, CNC machined, high resistance anodized, aluminium alloy parts. Thanks to the possibility of completely retracting the lens shade and the removal of the 3.5” focuser extension, the HiPer APOtelescopes are compact and easy to carry. All HiPer APO telescopes are equipped with the legendary micrometric 2” double speed focusers (80mm) and 3.5” (115, 130, 152and 18mm), with the possibility of motorization for photographic use and remote control.

Many accessories are available for the HiPer Apo Series, in addition to the above described reducers, flatteners and motorized digital focusers: adjustable, 50 to 80 mm optical or 532 nm green laser finderscope- Rings assembly - Hard (aluminium or resin) and soft (cordura) carrying case - Adjustable micrometric piggyback for guiding scope or other OTA .





Additional Information

Name Officina Stellare - Hiper APO 115 Apochromatic Refractor Telescope
Manufacturer Officina Stellare
Model HIPER115
Diameter 115mm (4.5")
Focal Length 805mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Optical Design OK4 APO Triplet
Optical Tube Carbon fibre tube CNC aluminum
Optical Tube Length 680mm