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Officina Stellare - Four element Superred 0.62x focal reducer


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Manufactured by: Officina Stellare


Great focus reducer that works for all Officina Stellare Hiper APO Refractors. 

  • Four elements, one is an ED in two groups, hi performance reducer/corrector
  • 0.62x reduction factor
  • 42mm corrected field (24x36mm chip)
  • Approximately 60mm of backfocus

When viewing through a scope, there are times in which you might want to reduce your focal length to achieve sharper images. The Hiper Apo Four Element 0.62x Reducer 42mm assists in this by shortening the length the light must travel. In addition, this focal reducer will also provide a dual focal ratio instrument without sacrificing image quality. This focal reducer for Hiper APO telescopes functions by concentrating the light that passes through the scope and compressing it a smaller and brighter circle. Along with this also comes a greater field of view. The apparent star sizes in the detector will now also appear smaller due to increase field of view.


The Officina Stellare Hiper APO Four Element 42mm Focal Reducer provides you a reduction factor of 0.62x magnification.

Additional Information

Name Officina Stellare - Four element Superred 0.62x focal reducer
Manufacturer Officina Stellare