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Officina Stellare - DSC Digital Schmidt Camera II Telescope

Model#: DSCII250

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Manufactured by: Officina Stellare


Officina Stellare DSC Digital Schmidt Camera II Scope


Officina Stellare has now introduced a DSC Digital Schmidt camera with a large corrected field! This astrophotography telescope has a very simple construction of just one mirror and one corrector plate. Officina Stellare has put tremendous efforts to guarantee the astrophotographer gets the maximum light transmission they can. Using narrowband filters, observers can now use their CCD's sensitivity built in with conjunction of the filters to bring more detail through the scopes, specifically when it comes to nebulae lines. Another great advantage of the DSC Digital Schmidt camera by Officina Stellare is the ability to limit the effects of deadly light pollution in or in nearby cities. This optical tube assembly is CNC machined using computer assistance to develop a tolerant by lightweight system for the user. It consists of a primary mirror support system, corrector plate support system, spider, CCD support, and full and rear rings. Officina Stellare has made sure this equipment is made with very high quality materials such as brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. This optical tube is positioned inside a carbon truss fiber tube for excellent stability which is crucial in achieving satisfying CCD images. Carbon truss fiber is very sensitive to thermal influences, therefore it can expand as the temperature fluctuates. This quality is what gives this material a win when it comes to Optical Tube assembly stability.

Officina Stellare DSCII250 Schmidt CameraA great feature Officina Stellare has implemented in their Digital Schmidt Camera Scope is axial and radial support. Support of the primary and rear mirrors give excellent ventilation and heat stimulation and removal. With three axial fans in the optical tube, air circulates at a very controlled but safe rate. The observor has the option of controlling the axial fan speed or state.

The DSC Digital Schmidt Camera Scope has a three point collimation system which can be placed and locked in the primary mirror once the observer has managed to achieve reasonable collimation. 

When the camera is in focus, micrometrical setting of the focus plane takes place with centering and perpendicularity. Officina Stellare has implemented this into this telescope for two reasons, one it limits the maximum amount of obstruction and second, it allows for easy installation of filters with 2" diameters.



Additional Information

Name Officina Stellare - DSC Digital Schmidt Camera II Telescope
Manufacturer Officina Stellare
Model DSCII250