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Officina Stellare - Automatic Telescope Controller 2


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Manufactured by: Officina Stellare


The Officina Stellare Advanced Telescope Control 2 adds not only a touch of automated class to all your Offincina Stellare telescope, but increases functionability as well. the ATC-2 starts your nights off right with stand alone, local or remote operation processes. Analog and digital I/O lines available for custom controls and all settings are non volatile. This fully ASCOM compliant unit supplies full data log on your personal computer, too! 

You'll enjoy the extremely large 6" liquid crystal display panel the real time clock on the Officina Stellare Advanced Telescope Control 2. Here you'll have closed loop temperature stabilization control for both mirrors, high precision focuser and BFL control. The ATC-2 offers fan speed control, plus mirror protection shutters control, too. Need more features? The know the Advanced Telescope Control is further enhanced with full environmental probes, including temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. It even has local, true dew point calculation! 

Advanced Telescope controller 2. This optional, microprocessor based, ASCOM compliant eletronic allow to the the customer to add some important functions to the scope. Main features are:

  • Closed loop control and stabilization of the temperature of both mirrors thanks to the digital probes and the heathers factory installed on the optical elements.
  • Digital control of cooling fans speed
  • Digital control of optional secondary mirror motor focuser
  • Primary mirror shutters control
  • Local environmental probe control for true local dew point calculation
  • Serial interface to the PC for remote control of 
  • Several programmable I/O lines for customizable purposes

12V DC Power Supply

The Officina Stellare Advanced Telescope Control 2 is available for all Offincina Stellare telescope styles. 

Additional Information

Name Officina Stellare - Automatic Telescope Controller 2
Manufacturer Officina Stellare
Model ATC02