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Denkmeier - Optical Adapter for Lunt 2" Diagonal

Model#: OA-LUNT

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Manufactured by: Denkmeier Optical

Denkmeier - Optical Adapter for Lunt 2" Diagonal


For the better part of a full Solar Cycle, we at Denkmeier Optical, Inc. have been coming up with innovative solutions that allow H-a Systems to reach focus with our Denk Binoviewers. The end results produce beautifully detailed views enjoyed while using both of your eyes! This helps the observer appreciate the amazing Sun, and also improves the versatility of the systems made by these various companies. That is our goal and we hope that this synergy between different manufactures will serve to benefit all of those who endeavor to explore the Sun in the H-a spectral region.

We are now pleased to introduce a Denk Binoviewer system that will operate with the Lunt 60 at three magnification ranges. Our Power x Switch Binoviewer System for the Lunt 60 will operate at 1.2X, 1.7X and 2.3X with a single pair of eyepieces. For example, if our D21 Eyepieces are used, the magnification factors will be the multiples above as compared with the magnification that a 21mm eyepiece would produce without the binoviewer in place (a 21mm Eyepiece used as single eyepiece).

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Name Denkmeier - Optical Adapter for Lunt 2" Diagonal
Manufacturer Denkmeier Optical