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TeleVue - NP101 101mm f/5.4 APO Refractor Telescope - Ivory

Model#: NPF-4056

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Manufactured by: TeleVue



The TeleVue (Nagler-Petzval) NP-101 positions itself as an Elite APO Refractor representing what Astronomers, both amateur and professional, consider the ideal multi-purpose photo/visual instrument abailable today. Its' amazing combination of edge-to-edge sharpness and pin-point accuracy, rich planetary contrast, easy field set-up and portability continues to astound viewers and imagers alike. 

TeleVue engineers recognized the incredible design potential and flexibility of the Petzval portrait lens as an astronomical objective. No other design type affords the freedom to, at once, correct for coma, astigmatism, field curvature, secondary spectrum, spherical aberration, and spherochromatism. The beautiful combination of highest quality materials and design innovation gives the Tele Vue-NP101 diffraction free performance across the visual spectrum.  Manufacturing advances in lens finishing, including interferometric monitoring of all surfaces, and TeleVue's stringent assembly and quality control, insure consistently excellent results with every telescope.

 What the "Pros" have to say:

Excerpt from Star Ware, 4th ed, by Philip Harrington
The NP-101's four-element objective lens system offers exceptional false- color suppression, with nothing but pure starlight seen around Vega, Sirius, and other bright stars that really test a telescope's state of apochromatism. The Nagler-Petzval multi element objective is also designed to produce pinpoint star images right across the full field of view, whether through wide- field eyepieces or on images. Star tests show no sign of spherical aberration, astigmatism, or any other flaw that could dampen image quality in the slightest. No doubt about it, Nagler has done it again. The NP-101 is an amazing optical accomplishment, setting the bar by which all other apochromatic refractors are judged.

 Harrington, P. "NP-101: Setting the Bar for all Other Apos". Star Ware (2007, 4th ed). 103,104.

Great optics are easy to evaluate — the NP 101 showed no sign of any aberrations, period. End of review! But to elaborate — under a star test at high power I saw no color, no astigmatism, no spherical aberration, not even any asymmetry in extrafocal patterns from sphero-chromatism. Bright stars appeared as clean, white disks right through focus, with no magenta or cyan fringing inside or outside of focus. In focus, stars appeared as tight, sharp Airy disks, surrounded by a subtle inner diffraction ring and no spurious fuzz — a textbook-perfect pattern.

- Excerpt from Premium Refractors: Having It All by Alan Dyer, from May 2002 issue of Sky & Telescope 



  • Sliding metal dew shield
  • Screw-on metal lens cover
  • Tube ring-mount with mounting threads
  • Starlight Instruments 10:1 Dual Speed Focuser manufactured exclusively for Tele Vue.
  • All knobs have knurled rubber grip rings.
  • Compatible with 10:1 Focusmate Driver (FDF-2004) for motorized, hands-free focusing.
  • Easy set-up and Airline Carry-on ready
  • Extras include 2" Everbrite Diagonal, Eyepiece Adapter, and High Quality Hard Carry Case 
  • Five Year Manufacturer Warranty.



Additional Information

Name TeleVue - NP101 101mm f/5.4 APO Refractor Telescope - Ivory
Manufacturer TeleVue
Model NPF-4056
Aperture 101mm (3.98")
Aperture Ratio f / 5.4
Camera Adaptable Yes
Carrying Case Custom foam/aluminum
Design APO Refractor
Fine Focus 10:1 Fine / coarse
Focal Length 540mm
Focal Ratio f/5.4
Focuser 2", rack & pinion
Highest Useful Magnification 250X
Included Accessories Screw-on lens cover, Sliding dew shield, 1 1/4" adapter, Ring Mount with (3) 1/4-20 holes and easy balance adjustment, Ivory powdercoat finish
Optical Coatings multi coatings
Optical Design Nagler-Petzval design
Optical Tube Length 26"