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Astrodon - Adaptor - 4 " Male, 3/4 " long for STL


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Manufactured by: Astrodon

Astrodon - Adaptor - 4 " Male, 3/4 " long for STL


Adaptor - 4 inch Male, 3/4 inch long for STL

Product Series

MOAG means Manual Off-Axis Guider, a non-moving part of your optical train.


This smaller member of our off-axis guider product line is specifically designed to be integrated with SBIG adaptive optics (AO) devices, including the ST/AO8 and STL/AO-L systems. AO technology allows fast guiding that can dramatically lead to sharper stars and finer detail. The MOAG can also be used as a stand-alone guider for any camera. For stand-alone applications involving KAI11000XM and larger detectors, we recommended the MonsterMOAG or MegaMOAG.


  • Take full advantage of AO technology
  • Faster AO guiding for better resolution
  • Guide in front of your filters
  • More guide stars with unfiltered light
  • Guide in the main optical beam
  • Avoid differential flexture and cost of guide scope
  • Fixed guider position for automated data acquisition



  • MOAG-ST for SBIG ST/AO8 with T-thread adaptor
  • MOAG-A for SBIG STL/AOL with 2" STL adaptor
  • MOAG-S stand-alone with AP 2.7"-24 M/F adaptors
  • Dovetail adaptors to rotate and align MOAG
  • 2 3/8" backfocus for ST/AO8 or STL/AO-L
  • Helical focuser for easy focusing of guide camera
  • Removeable (barlow) lens to extend focus
  • Solid construction - no flexture
  • Optional eyepiece extension
  • Optional short 1.25" nosepiece holder





Additional Information

Name Astrodon - Adaptor - 4 " Male, 3/4 " long for STL
Manufacturer Astrodon