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Meade - 8" LX90-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free Telescope


Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Meade


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the LX90ACF UHTC 8" as a replacement.

The Meade 8" LX90-ACF series yields the same optical brilliance as the LX90-ACF flagships, in a package providing a better value for those whom are primarily observers rather than astrophotographers.  The quality, workmanship, design and features offered will satisfy novices and experienced professionals alike.  Meade combines high quality optics, stable double fork mounting, computerized hand control and streamlined appearance in a single unit.

Meade's list of technology within the 8" LX90-ACF is a long and exhaustive one indeed.  A rigid mount and beefy tripod.  An oversized primary mirror and truly diffraction limited optics.  The very finest of simple, accurate GPS-enabled alignment.

The 8" LX90-ACF's standard-equipment Autostar computer controller connects to the telescope's control panel and permits viewing and tracking of the incredible amount of 30,223 database objects.  That's 50 objects in the solar system, 8 major planets from Mercury to Pluto, the Moon, 26 asteroids & 15 comets.  An apparent endless supply of galaxies, diffuse nebulae, planetary nebulae and star clusters include the complete Messier, Caldwell, IC, and NGC catalogs.  You'll also enjoy looking at 50 Earth satellites including the International Space Station and Hubble telescope!

Sony® GPS Sensor
The Sony® GPS sensor within the LX90-ACF immediately & precisely determines date, time & location parameters
AutoAlign™ picks two failproof alignment stars for you and places them right in your viewfinder-just center them to fine tune your alignment and the universe is at your fingertips!
The AutoStar® provides Periodic Error Correction in polar mode, minimizing guiding corrections during long exposure astrophotography.
Inspected Exclusively in Irvine, California
Hand matched diffraction-limited Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system individually inspected at Meade's Irvine, California facility
Oversized Primary Mirror
Primary mirror diameter larger than listed aperture, yielding wider & fully illuminated viewing field
Enormous 8" aperture penetrates deep into space for observations of intricate detail
GO TO capacity for over 30,000 celestial objects with maximum slew speed of 7.0° per second
Autostar controller connects into the telescope control panel
Optional #909 Accessory Port Module includes auxiliary connectors for using illuminated reticle eyepieces, the #1206 Electric Focuser or a CCD autoguider
UHTC Ultra-High Transmission Coatings
UHTC Ultra High Transmission Coatings are an important feature to optimize the performance of your Meade telescope.  Technologies developed at the Meade Irvine coatings facility have optimized the visual and photographic performance of Meade telescopes.  The UHTC coatings, employed upon all optical surfaces, result in a 20% decrease in light loss and a dramatic enhancement in detail of deep space objects.

Product Series

LX90-SC Meade's Schmidt-Cassegrain (SC) optics give you high performance for the best possible price. For the person looking to get the most from their astronomical dollar, look no further. Meade uses water-white glass with superior light transmission across the entire visible spectrum, unlike inferior standard plate glass used by other telescope manufacturers. Combined with our industry-leading Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) -- with 15% better light transmission than standard coatings -- and oversized, thermally-stable Pyrex® primary mirrors for optimum light collection, you get a spectacular viewing experience not available on comparable competitors telesscopes. 

GPS - LX90 can do more than track satellites. It talks to them as well. Turn it on and the built-in Sony® GPS sensor immediately determines your precise date, time and location. AutoAlign™ then uses this info to align your scope for a tour of the most spectacular sights in the universe. 

EASY ALIGN™ - LX90s are smart scopes that know the night sky right out of the box. Easy Align picks two alignment stars for you and places them right in your viewfinder. Just center them to fine tune your alignment and the wonders of the universe are at your fingertips. 

OVERSIZED PRIMARY MIRROR - Only Meade manufactures their primary mirrors in diameters larger than their listed aperture (e.g. the diameter of the 8" LX90's primary mirror is actually 8.25").This additional 1/4" yields a wider, fully illuminated field-of-view, and allows you to see the light other telescopes leave behind. 

8 X 50 VIEWFINDER - Quickly and easily locate and center deep sky objects

SLEW SPEED - The LX90 slews (moves) from star to star at 7 degrees per second. That is more than twice as fast as the competition. This means that over the course of an evening, a Meade LX90 will show you two to three times more objects. 

RIGID CAST ALUMINUM FORK MOUNT - The Meade LX90's Optical Tube Assembly is mounted on two sturdy fork arms giving you a rock solid platform for astrophotography. 

LX200™ - SERIES TRIPOD - The LX90 comes standard with the same sturdy field tripod as the LX200-ACF series telescope. 

SMART DRIVE™ - Meade's AutoStar® provides Periodic Error Correction (in polar mode). Over the course of one or more training periods your LX90 will minimize guiding corrections during long exposure astrophotography. 

AUTOSTAR CONTROLLER - Meade's AutoStar® can be updated after purchase. Click here to download software upgrades, guided tours and timely objects like comets, satellites and new discoveries - Free! Keep your AutoStar up-to-date, and your LX90 will grow with you for years to come.

Additional Information

Name Meade - 8" LX90-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free Telescope
Manufacturer Meade
Model 0810-90-01
Discountinued Yes