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Meade - 6" Newtonian OTA complete - DISCONTINUED

Model#: 40-7510-05

Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Meade


Meade - 6" f/5 Newtonian OTA 

For replacement item look at celestron 150mm OTA 31057-1

The 6" Newtonian Reflector is like a little brother to the Meade LightBridge Dobsonians. It shares many of the same practical benefits.  The scope has enough aperture to offer a serious step up from the average starter scope. But it is still lightweight, portable, and relatively inexpensive.

Standard Features:

  • Schmidt-Newtonian and Schmidt-Cassegrain optics are mounted in precision-machined aluminum cells and mounted in sturdy steel tubes which are baked with high-grade textured enamel paint. The optical tube assembly is closed, reducing air currents inside the tube. This prevents distortion of an otherwise sharp image. Plus, a closed tube significantly helps keep the optics clean.
  • The corrector lens fully corrects for spherical aberration and provides pinpoint star images. Water white glass is used in all Schmidt-Newtonian and Schmidt-Cassegrain corrector lenses to maximize light transmission. The use of water white glass results in an increase of light transmission in excess of 10%, as compared to competing telescopes using soda lime glass.
  • Schmidt-Newtonian and Schmidt-Cassegrain corrector lenses and mirrors are individually figured to create a superior optical system which is renowned for its exquisite smoothness and performance.





Additional Information

Name Meade - 6" Newtonian OTA complete - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Meade
Model 40-7510-05
Discountinued Yes
Aperture 6" (152mm)
Focal Length 762mm (30")
Focal Ratio f/5
Focuser Rack & Pinion
Mount German Equatorial
Optical Design Newtonian Reflector
Optical Tube 180mm X 686mm (7.1" X 27")
Secondary Mirror Obstruction 54mm (2.14")