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Meade - 12 " LightBridge Truss-Tube Dobsonian Deluxe Telescope


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Manufactured by: Meade


MEADE •  12" LightBridge Truss-Tube Dobsonian Telescope  •  1205-11-03

Portability, high quality, and well built, excellence is the main focus of the Lightbridge 12” Dobsonian Telescope. Meade always thrives to not only please their fans, but to advance the amateur astronomer lifestyle to the future! The 12” Lightbridge is very portable because it comes built with Steel RA Roller Bearings, easing the experience for the user to get their scope ready to observe the cosmos! The great news is Meade has made sure NOT to rid quality in place of convenience, but to combine the two! The 12” Lightbridge Dobsonian telescope comes packaged with optical coatings specially designed by Meade to guarantee superior light reflectivity management. A Crayford 2” Machined Aluminum 1.25” Adapter is also supplied with the 12” Lightbridge for flexible and accurate focusing. Astronomers wanting an easy to use dobsonian with tons of great optics, the Meade 12” Lightbridge is the choice for you. One of Meade’s primary goals is to ease the process of scope setup. New astronomers, excited to get their finest view of the night sky with their new purchase may find it very difficult and irritating to get their scope prepared before sundown. What a waste of time and excitement. Well, not anymore. Thanks to Meade, the 12” Lightbridge dobsonian is just a 1, 2, 3 setup! Easy to set up and portable, how could you go wrong! Yet, that isn’t everything.

In addition to being an easy convenient and portable scope, Meade really wants their telescopes to stand out even further. Like stated above, the 12” Dobsonian Lightbridge has magnesium fluoride coatings in the mirror to ensure no reflectivity is lost before the user sees it. The Crayford focuser provided also gives the user flexibility to choose what focus is suitable for their eyesight. Getting the telescope to the correct part of the sky can also be a pain, especially if there are a few or no bright reference stars nearby.  Meade has decided to add a Four-Reticle Red Dot Viewfinder to aid in this. Since these optics are so magnificent, the user will take advantage of them. Thinking even further, the 12” Lightbridge Dobsonian not only has optics that are exceptional, but long lasting! This is owed to the primary mirror cooling fan that Meade has supplied. This fan is designed to bring thermal equilibrium so the optics don’t overheat or get too cold. The Meade 12” Lightbridge has great accessories that add even more functionality to the scope. With a 26mm QX Wide 2” barrel sized eyepiece with an apparent field of view of 70°, the user will be even more pleased! Wrapping all this treasure trove of information, there is no question that Meade has created an astronomical work of genius! Powerful yet portable, the amateur astronomer will go nuts with their purchase and won’t regret it!

You can also purchase this item with 3 year sky assurance.

  • 12" Aperture
  • Dobsonian design
  • Crayford focuser
  • Easy to setup
  • Four-Reticle Red Dot Viewfinder
  • 26mm QX Wide 2" Eyepiece







Product Series

It's not just a big telescope. It's a big telescope that goes anywhere. New LightBridge truss-dobs from Meade take down and set up quickly. So you can take one of these massive windows on the universe out to your favorite dark sky locations with ease. LightBridge dobs give you high quality Meade optics, premium components, and ultra portability - all for about the same price as an ordinary tube dob. So get a LightBridge truss-dob. And prepare to cross the universe.


# Diffraction Limited Optics Meade optics consistently outperform telescopes of similar and larger aperture. Consumers know that "Meade Optics Inside" means that what they see through our telescopes will be views that are detailed, crisp and full of contrast. # Meade Optical Coatings Aluminum Coatings with magnesium fluoride over coat provides bright images full of detail. # 2" Crayford-Style Machined Aluminum Focuser With 1.25" Adapter Smooth precise focusing is achieved with this classic design. A unique focus tension knob and focus lock design gives complete control over focus. # Built-In Primary Mirror Cooling Fan Bring the telescope into thermal equilibrium quickly and efficiently with the battery powered cooling fan. The fan is mounted to the rear of the "vented" primary mirror cell for fast cool down. # Steel RA Roller Bearings Roller bearings make movements smooth and effortless. # Advanced Four-Reticle Red Dot Viewfinder Four reticles and varying brightness controls allow this deluxe finder to adjust to your observing needs. # 26mm QX™ Wide Angle 2" Eyepiece Deluxe Model This premium eyepiece has a 2" barrel, and boasts a whopping 70° Apparent Field of View

Additional Information

Name Meade - 12 " LightBridge Truss-Tube Dobsonian Deluxe Telescope
Manufacturer Meade
Model 1205-05-03
Custom Stock Status In Stock
Aperture 305mm (12")
Focal Length 1524mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Optical Design Newtonian reflector with multi-coatings