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MaxIm DL Pro v5 Software


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  • Complete observatory integration. Controls your camera, autoguider, filter wheels, focusers, camera rotator, telescope mount, and dome. ASCOM compliant.
  • Built-in mini-planetarium with AllSky and Zoom view helps you maintain "situational awareness":
    • See a whole sky overview, with the telescope position overlaid.
    • Zoom in on your target, with field-of-view of the camera superimposed.
    • Greatly enhanced object database and powerful search capabilites.
    • Instantly overlay images from the camera to help you identify targets.
    • Graphically control image plane rotator.
  • Redesigned camera controls for faster and easier imaging. Create your own presets for finding, centering, focusing, and LRGB sequences.
  • Multiple autodark buffers allow you to quickly switch between presets without reshooting darks.
  • Quickly change program configurations. If you use multiple camera/telescope setups, you can instantly reconfigure all software settings in just a few clicks
  • Stack images much faster and easier:
    • Automatically identify stack groups by object ID and color filter - no more sorting through image files!
    • Automatically reject poor quality images based on criteria you choose.
    • Calibrate and/or color convert images on-the-fly during stacking.
    • Align images using a variety of automatic and manual alignment technqiues.
    • Color combines RGB and LRGB image sets, using a single alignment reference image.
    • Works from disk to save precious RAM.
    • Stack multiple images with hundreds of individual subexposures, just drop in a folder and click Go!
  • Includes a complete image processing toolkit, including a large variety of filters, deblooming, curves, deconvolution, color tools, and much more
  • New Processing Features

    • New image file thumbnails and both XP and Vista/7 style open/save dialog boxes
    • Load and save complete program configures
    • Processing log window
    • Star profile graph
    • New Stack command
    • Automatically or manually generate multiple stack groups, including complete LRGB groups
    • Automatically grade all images for quality, and only include images meeting your criteria
    • View grading information for individual images, with manual override
    • Export image grading information
    • Pre-measure alignment for all images prior to stacking
    • Calibrate on-the-fly during stacking; saves time and disk space - New Drizzle capability
    • Automatically perform LRGB stack after combine
    • All images in LRGB set are aligned to single reference image
    • Load up hundreds or thousands of images with multiple different targets, click Go, and MaxIm DL will automatically assemble all of your LRGB sets ready for final processing
    • Wavelet filters for image enhancement
    • Easier to use Color Convert (debayer), with presets for many popular camera models
    • Remove Background Color

    New Program Levels

    • MaxIm DL Basic: webcams, DSI-style cameras, image processing
    • MaxIm DSLR: Basic plus DSLR support, focuser control, telescope control, astrometry, enhanced image processing
    • MaxIm DL Pro: all features including DSLR and CCD control, mini planetarium, AO, filter wheels, rotator, dome, photometry
    • MaxIm DL Pro Suite: Pro with MaxPoint telescope mount modelling and pointing refinement
    • MaxIm DL IP: all image processing and analysis features, no equipment control, reads DSLR Raw frames

    New Equipment Control Features

    • Built-in Rotator control
    • Built-in Dome control with slaving, shutter operation
    • Support for second focuser and filter wheel for autoguider
    • Built-in mini planetarium with All Sky view and Zoom view
      • Instantly overlay camera images
      • Search extensive catalog database by multiple criteria
      • FOV indicator with Rotator control via mouse
      • Resizable display
    • See all equipment status at a glance
    • Autocenter now accepts PinPoint calibration
    • Automatic pier flip tracking
    • Autofocus V-curve display
    • Improved camera setup
    • Larger camera control window with most camera settings in one view
    • Camera control presets let you quickly change between your favorite settings for find, focus, center, and acquisition sequences
    • Instantly swap cameras
    • Improved focus information displays with trend graphs
    • User-configurable camera, guider, and focus status displays
    • Virtual keyboard for number entry in the dark
  • Additional Information

    Name MaxIm DL Pro v5 Software
    Model MDLProv5
    Manufacturer Part No MDLProv5
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