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  1. TeleVue - 2.4 " Adapter for 2 " Accessories

    TeleVue - 2.4 " Adapter for 2 " Accessories

    2.4" Adapter for 2" Accessories is another key component that expands the usability of your existing 2" accessories. The adapter allows any 2 accessory to connect to the Imaging System ... Learn More
    Model#: A2A-1107

  2. TeleVue - 45 Degree Prism

    TeleVue - 45 Degree Prism

    45° Prism for refractors gives normal image orientation. Terrestrial onlyWhile star diagonals correct a refractor's inverted image, they don't correct the left-right orientation ... Learn More
    Model#: AMI-0011

  3. TeleVue - 0.25 DIOPTRX Astigmatism Correcting Lens

    TeleVue - 0.25 DIOPTRX Astigmatism Correcting Lens

    To overcome the fourth limitation (astigmatism), Televue has developed a corrector which fits directly onto the eyepiece. Just as Dobsonian owners could not fully appreciate the performance of Televue eyepieces until installing the Paracorr to compensate for mirror coma, the majority of the population (which has some eyesight limitations due to astigmatism) had no way to correct for this except by wearing eyeglasses. That is until now.

    Learn More
    Model#: DRX-0025

  4. TeleVue - 9mm Nagler Type 6 Eyepiece