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  1. TeleVue - CGE / CI-700 / G-11 Adapter

    TeleVue - CGE / CI-700 / G-11 Adapter

    The TeleVue CI-700/G-11 Adapter ACI0700 is a mounting adapter plate for equatorial mounts ... Learn More
    Model#: ACI-0700

  2. TeleVue - Mounting Adapter for Meade LXD-500

    TeleVue - Mounting Adapter for Meade LXD-500

    The TeleVue LXD500 Adapter ALX-0500 is mounting plate for Equatorial mount ... Learn More
    Model#: ALX-0500

  3. TeleVue - Mount Adapter

    TeleVue - Mount Adapter

    Attach any Televue or Coronado scope to a Great Polaris (GP), Sphinx, Porta Mount,or TelePod with the TeleVue Vixen Mount Adapter. Also fits the Celestron CG-5 and Meade LXD75 mounts ... Learn More
    Model#: AVT-1011

  4. TeleVue - Dovetail for QRB-1002

    TeleVue - Dovetail for QRB-1002

    This Televue Dovetail Base was created for the Televue Quick Release Bracket QRB-1002. Full metal base with pre-drilled holes. Televue Dovetail Base converts Televue Universal Finder Scope Mount to Quick Release ... Learn More
    Model#: QRD-1006

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Your eyepiece is half the telescope, use the best -- Tele Vue" - said Jack Marling, founder of Lumicon Co. "Fast" telescopes (f/4-f/6) of all types -- refractors, reflectors, Schmidt Newtonians, Mak-Newtonians require the finest eyepieces for sharp, full field viewing. Every Tele Vue eyepiece is personally tested at f/4 by our quality control staff to ensure the sharpest full field possible. It is the nature of optics that being the best in fast scopes also always assures the best performance in "slow" scopes. While every Tele Vue eyepiece type will yield the critical center sharpness so necessary for planetary viewing and splitting double stars, observers get the added bonus of a sharp wide field and comfortable eye relief with the different design models. The Tele Vue Plössls are patented to be sharper over a larger field than any competing brands of Plössls or Orthos. Tele Vue 60° Radians, 68° Panoptics, 82° Naglers and 100°  Ethos are the eyepieces of choice, along with the 50° Nagler 2mm--4mm and 3mm--6mm zoom, for full field sharpness. The finest performance requires the finest materials such as high index lanthanum and fluorite type glasses, in some cases costing up to 15x more than ordinary glass types. At Tele Vue we ask "how can we make it better", rather than "how can we make it cheaper." We think you'll agree that the views are worth it.