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  1. iOptron - ST-80 Electronic Microscope

    iOptron - ST-80 Electronic Microscope

    The ST-80 Microscope is both versatile and easy to use with the ability to magnify objects 4x to 1024x. In addition, it comes with an electronic eyepiece to allow you to directly view and capture images or videos onto your computer ... Learn More
    Model#: 6810

  2. iOptron - ST-640 Electronic Microscope w/ LCD screen

    iOptron - ST-640 Electronic Microscope w/ LCD screen

    This high-tech microscope is capable of both digital viewing through a large 3.5” LCD screen and via traditional eyepieces for additional magnification. The camera imbedded in the digital eyepiece can shoot both pictures and videos ... Learn More
    Model#: 6820

  3. iOptron - Antique Microscope

    iOptron - Antique Microscope

    Antique Ivory Microscope by iOptron 

    Learn More
    Model#: 6850

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iOptron is a global company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative astronomical telescopes, mounts & accessories, and cutting-edge optical instrument for multiple applications. 

The SmartStarTM telescope mounts and telescope systems are the flagship offerings from iOptron. In addition to the SmartStarTM series, the MinitowerTM offers the same technology for more serious observing. Now with iOptron’s GoTo mounts & telescopes, sky-gazing is no longer an activity reserved for serious astronomers only.