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Denkmeier Optical

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Denkmeier Optical, Inc. is a company co-owned by Russ Lederman and Spectrum Thin Films in Hauppauge NY. Russ Lederman is Inventor of The Power x Switch and Power Switch Star Diagonals. Let Denkmeier Optical be your source for the finest Binoviewers, Eyepieces, and Star Diagonals available anywhere. Whether your telescope is an SCT, Newtonian Reflector, Refractor, Maksutov Cassegrain, Dobsonian, Classical Cassegrain, RCX or other RC telescope brand, we have a binocular viewer for you! See our FAQ section for answers to common questions.

You may now see copies  of our products with similar sounding names elsewhere, but do not be tricked or misled : This is The Only Home Of Denkmeiwer Optical. Each and every Denk undergoes personal hands-on quality control procedures by Denk's owners throughout the production process in a state for the art facility here in the USA.