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MallinCam - MFR-5 II Focal Reducer 0.5x

Model#: OA-10

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Manufactured by: MallinCam


The new version of the MallinCam  MFR-5 Version II is the most advanced optical focal reducer ever developed for a video CCD camera. Made from premium optical glass and CNC machined aircraft aluminum, this FR is designed by MallinCam for MallinCam to deliver even better performance than ever. Special coatings have been applied on all surfaces of the 4 element lenses to deliver the most crisp clear image never seen before. The MFR-5 is a two cell unit allowing the placement of optional spacers to further increase focal reduction. A spacer can be installed between both cells or at the rear between the rear cell and C-mount video camera. Compatible with all VRC (Ritchey-Chretien) optical system, all SCT, Mak, most refractors and is compatible with ACF type and Edge HD SCT systems.

The New MCS Coatings on the New MFR-5 II are unique in the industry. Developed for MallinCam Video CCD sensors covering their full spectral range. The image to the left shows the former MFR-5 (far left) and the New Version MFR-5 II (on right). The light source used in the picture was a combination of intense LED lighting 12 watts plus a CFL 26 watts light. The new coatings allow  better contrast and light transmission with minimal light loss. Difference is gaining aperture from your telescope optical system. There is only one MFR-5 II and its made by MallinCam for your MallinCam. Works on all video  1/2" sensors and video 1/3" sensors.

The optical glass used on the New MFR-5 II is made using laser guided grinding technology to a precision not found on any other focal reducers in its class. New special coatings will reduce internal reflections between lenses commonly found on many focal reducers. Images are crisp and contrast is boosted to new level unseen before. Reduction varies from 0.8X, 0.5X and can go as low as 0.3X when used with optional spacers. It delivers multiple focal ranges just like having multiple focal reducers all in one unit. Threaded for all 1.25" filters on the market today.

Handcrafted one at a time in MallinCam's premises. 100% Canadian made.

  • Primary lens: Dual element, 25 mm. Focal length 105 mm
  • Secondary Lens: Dual element, 21.9 mm. Focal length 102 mm.
  • 1.70 oz. (49 grams )
  • Premium optical glass
  • Handcraftedin Canada
  • Minimal light loss
  • Multiple focal ranges
  • Laser guided grinding technology

Additional Information

Name MallinCam - MFR-5 II Focal Reducer 0.5x
Manufacturer MallinCam
Model OA-10