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MallinCam - 12" High Resolution LCD Monitor

Model#: MA-06

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Manufactured by: MallinCam


Rivaling the best CRT monitors available, the MallinCam high resolution monitor permits the highest available resolution from any and all astronomical CCD video cameras. The monitors are built to industrial and scientific standards using and are fitted with anti-glare coatings. They are formatted at true 4:3 ratio which is best suited to Mallincam video CCD cameras. These screens are manufactured from Corning Gorilla Glass, a highly resilient and reliable material.  

MallinCam high resolution monitors are available in 12-inch/30.48 cm size, which is ideal for field use and in 15-inch/38.1 cm size, better suited to a home or observatory application. Each monitor runs on 12 volt DC and a 110 volt ac adapter is packaged with each screen.
Multiple input options support SVBS (composite), S-video, HDMI and SVGA. Bypass is via three BNC 75 OHM outputs to drive other devices e.g. a DVR or capture device. The inputs have been adjusted to match the 1.0 volt peak-to-peak output of the MallinCam.
In the MallinCam tradition, the monitor cabinets are made of sturdy, accident-resistant steel, for maximum protection, reliability and an extended life. The LED screen delivers exceptional clarity and resolution, to broadcast standards. Colors are constant, stable and clear. Monochrome images are of high fidelity and sharp. Maximally vented and shielded, noise is reduced to the barest minimum in all situations.

Inputs are selected via a comprehensive yet highly navigable and intuitive menu system either with a remote keypad or using buttons mounted upon the monitor. Height adjustment and tilt angle are facilitated by means of two hinges on the stand (included). The MallinCam high resolution monitors features include noise reduction, adjustments for contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, zoom, freeze-frame, picture-in-picture for instant side-by-side comparisons and a further plethora of state-of-the-art functions. 
MallinCam high resolution monitors are built specifically to be the best display option for your Mallincam CCD video camera. 
  • MallinCam High resolution monitors permit the highest resolution possible from astronomical video CCD cameras.

  • MallinCam High resolution monitor built to broadcast, scientific and industrial standards.

  • MallinCam High resolution monitors designed around 4:3 ratio to best suit MallinCam CCD cameras. 

  • MallinCam High resolution monitors are constructed from steel for maximum durability. 

  • MallinCam High resolution monitor runs on 12v DC with included 110v AC power supply..

  • MallinCam High resolution monitors run the gamut of connectivity with SBGA, SVBS, S-Video and HDMI, plus 3x BNC75 outputs.

  • MallinCam High resolution monitors provide clarity and consistent brightness and color.

  • MallinCam High resolution monitors feature a logical and practical menu system.

  • MallinCam High resolution monitors are supplied with a stand which configures to the user's needs.

LCD Panel Bright/Dark Dot Warranty & Regulation

Since LCD panel is made up of millions of micro electronic pixels, if one
pixel no longer functions normally, it will become a bright or dark dot. By
ISO 13406-2 standards, MALLINCAM conforms to the acceptance level between 3 to 5
defective bright/dark pixels. In order to deliver ultimate vision experience
to MALLINCAM customer, if your panel is less than or equal to the above number of
dots, then, it is considered as an acceptable LCD monitor."

Mark S June 16th 2014

Additional Information

Name MallinCam - 12" High Resolution LCD Monitor
Manufacturer MallinCam
Model MA-06
AC Adapter 12v DC from 110v AC adapter power supply
Construction Steel chassis
Continuous Video (VGA) SVGA out
Dimensions 12-inch diagonal