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Lunt - 35 Dedicated Solar Telescope Basic Package w/ B400

Model#: LS35THa

Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Lunt Solar Systems


For repalcement See LS50THAB400

For the desriminating astronomer, the Lunt LS35THa provides the ideal scope for entry into the world of solar exploring.  Very reasonably priced, the LS35THa will provide the viewer a, SAFE, high quality tool with which to observe the amazing features of our star, the Sun.

The Lunt LS35T is a dedicated Hydrogen-alpha Solar telescope that is super portable and compact, in fact you can stack two side by side for binocular viewing.  An unobstructed, front mounted 35mm etalon has a bandpass of <0.7A, showing you beautiful prominences and some surface detail. A 4mm blocking filter is included with this system, providing a full disk image in systems with up to 400mm of focal length.  Also includes scope mounting rings.


  • The Lunt LS35THa dedicated Hydrogen-alpha solar telescope is the most compact 35mm etalon system currently available.
  • An unobstructed, front mounted, 35mm etalon provides a bandpass of <0.7 Angstroms. 
  • Prominences and some surface detail can quickly be viewed through the Lunt LS35THa portable single stack system.
  • Add it to an existing system or use as a quick grab and go.
  • Because the Lunt LS35THa is small and compact it is ideally suited to being stacked side by side for Binocular viewing.
  • The biggest outside diameter of the LS35Tha is 62mm (dew shield) and includes mounting rings


LS35T Basic Features:

  • Aperture: 35mm Unobstructed Front Mounted Etalon
  • Band Pass: <0.7 Angstroms
  • Focal Length: 400mm
  • Blocking Filter: 4mm; Full Disk Image up to 400mm Focal
  • 1.25" helical focuser , all normal 1.25" eyepieces can be used
  • Biggest tube diameter = 62,00 mm
  • Main tube diameter 55,5 mm
  • Tube length without blocking filter : 340 mm
  • Tube length with blocking filter : 415 mm
  • Weight without holder 1800 grams










Additional Information

Name Lunt - 35 Dedicated Solar Telescope Basic Package w/ B400
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Model LS35THa
Discountinued Yes
Aperture 35mm
Bandwidth 656.28nm
Dew shield 62mm
Diameter 55.5mm
Etalon front mounted <0.7 angstroms
Eyepiece Barrel Size 1.5 "
Focal Length 400mm
Maximum Tube Length 415mm
Mounting to telescope mounting rings
Number of lenses
Objective 35mm
Objective lenses 1
Optical Coatings multi coated
Optical Tube Length 340mm
Secondary Obstruction (%) 0%
Spectrum Ha
Warranty 5yrs
Weight in Use 1800gms