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Lumicon - Deluxe 80mm Super Finder System

Model#: LS2020

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Manufactured by: Lumicon International

Lumicon - Deluxe 80mm Super Finder System


Lumicon's new Deluxe 80mm Super Finder System features a high-precision helical focuser at the eyepiece-end for added elegance, and a second light-baffle for even sharper images. As always, your Lumicon finderscope may be configured in either Straight Through or Right Angle mode, and switching between only take a minute. A correct-image diagonal is included, to ease in navigating the night sky. The bright, fully multi-coated 82mm achromatic primary allows you to see many of the deep-space objects you are looking for.

The 80mm Deluxe Super Finder also doubles as a high-quality, portable rich-field refractor, yielding superb views of star fields, star clusters, double stars and bright galaxies. Includes soft padded travel case, Lumicon LC1021.

For daytime viewing, the optional Image Visor, LS1030, reduces glare while increasing contrast, resolution and depth of field, producing daylight images comparable to spotting scopes costing hundred$ more.

80mm Deluxe Super Finder System Specifications:

Objective Lens: Fully Multi-Coated 82mm Achromatic Lens
Clear aperture: 79.8mm
Focal length: 300mm
Magnification: 12X (with included eyepiece)
Focal-ratio: f/3.7 (f/7.2 with Image Visor)
Field of View: 3.8°
Eyepiece: Quality 1.25" 25mm Kellner Crosshair
Diagonal: 1.25" 90° Correct Image Diagonal
Focuser Travel: 1"
Focuser ratio: 2 turns per inch
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Color: Black Anodized Aluminum

Additional Information

Name Lumicon - Deluxe 80mm Super Finder System
Manufacturer Lumicon International
Model LS2020