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Lunt Solar Systems - Calcium Module (Ca-K) with B1200 Blocking Filter - in Extension Tube with T2 connection

Model#: LS12CaKMDs2

Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Lunt Solar Systems


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the LS12CaKMDd2 as a replacement.

Lunt Solar Systems -   Calcium K Module (Ca-K) with B1200 Blocking Filter  -   Extension Tube with T2  connection

This Product Is No Longer Available, Please See LS12CaKMDd2 For Replacement

Lunt Blocking Filter
Calcium K (Ca-K) Telescopes and Filters are used to study the wavelength of 393.4nm.  This emission line is one of 2 that are produced by Calcium just at the edge of the visible spectrum in a layer that is slightly lower and cooler than the layer viewed in Hydrogen-alpha. The emission line displays areas of Super Granulation Cells that are brightest and strongest in areas of high magnetic fields such as sunspot activity and active regions. Having the ability to study the Calcium K and the Hydrogen-alpha line provides important insights into the structure, strength, and depth of these active regions.

The Calcium K line is centered at 393.4nm. This wavelength is considered to be slightly outside the visible spectrum on the UV side. While most people can visually see the violet color of the wavelength, many cannot resolve contrast due to yellowing of the cornea.  It is for these reasons that the Ca-K line is studied via the use of cameras which are able to provide stunning details.





  • Extension Tube with T2 Connection for 2" Focuser 
  • For Telescopes up to 100mm Aperture and 1200mm Focal Length 
  • Calcium Module with B1200 Blocking Filter with IR and UV protection



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Product Series

For telescopes with 2 inch eyepiece-holder Lunt Solar Systems currently offers 4 blocking filter apertures for use with our Etalon systems. The Blocking Filter houses additional filters which are required for the safety and performance of the solar package.

Blocking filter required on all Solar Systems. We are currently offering the B600, B1200 and B1800 in a T2-M42 x 0.75 diagonal format with fixed filter. The B1800 and B3200 is also being offered in a 2 inch straight thru with a tiltable filter mechanism. The B600 is for maximum focal length 540mm, B1200 is for 1080mm, B1800 is for 1620mm and the B3200 is for 2880 mm maximum focal length. This is the focal length of telescope for which that particular blocking filter will provide a full disk image of the Sun. A blocking filter larger than that required to achieve the full disk image may result in image 'ghosts' at the edge of the field of view. Lunt Solar blocking filters contain a unique filter system. Lnt can only warranty safety or performance when blocking filter is paired with a Lunt Solar System. Options • The T2-M42 x 0.75 diagonal series will be available in a straight thru option later in the year. There is currently no introductory date set.

Additional Information

Name Lunt Solar Systems - Calcium Module (Ca-K) with B1200 Blocking Filter - in Extension Tube with T2 connection
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Model LS12CaKMDs2
Discountinued Yes