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Losmandy - Optional Battery Pack (8xAA) for StarLapse

Model#: STLA-BP

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Manufactured by: Losmandy


Connect a center-positive 12 volt DC power source rated at 500 milliamps or higher to the input connector. Our battery pack (STLA-BP) loaded with eight AA alkaline batteries is recommended, and can operate the system for more than sixty hours when used at the moderate or slower speeds. Where AC is available you can use our universal DC power supply (part# ACDC). Circuitry of the StarLapse is regulated to protect the internal electronics, however, the motor is driven directly from the DC input voltage. The motor is optimized for 12 volts but can safely operate at a slightly higher voltage. DO NOT EXCEED 18 VOLTS for the power source! The system will run at voltages as low as 7 volts but the motor may no longer have enough torque to reliably pulse.


StarLapse System

The motor connects with a 6-conductor modular connector. Be sure to dress the cable such that it will not bind or impede the motion of the StarLapse system.

When power is applied to the control, the first icon  will glow to indicate that the system is set for the default SIDEREAL mode. Press the RATE button to cycle through the icons and select the desired speed. The SUN represents the SOLAR rate of 15°/hour, and all numeric icons are degrees/hour.

The NORTH/SOUTH switch determines the direction of rotation as indicated by the arrows on the StarLapse motor assembly. For celestial use set the slide switch for NORTH or SOUTH depending on your location with respect to the equator. The StarLapse must be polar-aligned when tracking stars.

Press START when you want the motion to begin. The center icon (30) will pulse in sync with the motor speed to indicate proper operation.

All buttons become inoperative once the system is started. To stop or change operation you must temporarily disconnect the power from the controller and start over.

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Name Losmandy - Optional Battery Pack (8xAA) for StarLapse
Manufacturer Losmandy