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Levenhuk - 40-2000x 850B Binocular Microscope

Model#: 24611

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Manufactured by: Levenhuk


Levenhuk 850B Binocular Microscope is perfect for biological sciences and laboratory researches. The microscope operates in bright field and dark field modes. Levenhuk 850B Binocular Microscope also features binocular rotatable nosepiece with 30-degrees inclined revolving head for four objectives, Koehler illumination system, allowing to adjust aperture and to control the amount of light entering the sample, variable magnification of 40x to 2000x, and a moving stage with dimensions of 5.5 x 6.1 inches. Levenhuk 850B Binocular Microscope has integrated fine and coarse focusing systems for precise focusing with intervals of 0.00008 inch and 1 inch, respectively. Microscope's illumination source is a 6V/20W halogen lamp that provides enough light for observations and allows adjusting the brightness. Dark field condenser is built in the microscope construction and allows working in the dark field mode. Dark field mode is indispensable for observing transparent samples that can't be seen in the bright field mode. For example, this method is really essential for hematology researches. Switching between the modes is as easy as turning the illumination ring.

Additional Information

Name Levenhuk - 40-2000x 850B Binocular Microscope
Manufacturer Levenhuk
Model 24611
Condenser Lens Abbe N.A. 1.25 with premium iris diaphragm dark field condenser
Dimensions 10.2×16.1×12.6 in. (26.0×41.0×32.0 cm.)
Eyepieces paired, wide field PLAN WF 10x, PLAN WF 20x
Focuser fine - 0.002 mm coarse - 25 mm
Illumination 6V/20W halogen lamp, variable brightness
Microscope Head 4 objectives
Objective Lense Sizes 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x PLAN
Objective Nosepiece binocular
Optical Coatings fully coated
Power Supply AC 220V 50 Hz
Stage 140x155mm, moving stage