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Levenhuk - 1.25" Optical Filter #56 (Light Green)

Model#: 28086

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Manufactured by: Levenhuk


Levenhuk optical filter #56 (light green) has a barrel diameter of 1.25" and transmits up to 53% of visible light. With this filter, you can study the minutest details of celestial objects—such as the Solar System planets or the Moon—including aspects of them that you wouldn’t be able to see without it.


  • The Moon: Enhances the contrast of lunar features during observations with small telescopes (less than 150 mm, 5.9 in).
  • Venus: Allows for detailed observations of the atmosphere, reduces the brightness of the sky during daytime observations.
  • Mars: Enhances the contrast of the polar regions.
  • Jupiter: In small telescopes enhances the visibility of the Great Red Spot and white ovals.
  • Saturn: Enhances the visibility of the atmospheric white ovals.




Additional Information

Name Levenhuk - 1.25" Optical Filter #56 (Light Green)
Manufacturer Levenhuk
Model 28086
Eyepieces 1.25in
Transmission 53%